y difficult for Wei Xiaobei to pull it into the Aoki Paradise.

But now, although it was very laborious, after half a minute, the giant dish fairy finally disappeared in a blue light.
Wei Xiaobei, whose face turned pale, immediately followed the blue light and disappeared.
Well, it is not an exaggeration to describe the giant dish fairy as crazy.
/The giant dish fairy was currently spinning its body around in the Qingmu Paradise. Wherever it passed, everything cut by its body, whether it was a big tree or stone, would be cut in half.
It can be said that in just a short time, at least one-tenth of the area of ??the Aoki Blessed Land was ravaged by the giant dish fairy, and it was a mess.
After seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel angry.
Although not many creatures in the Aoki Paradise died due to the ravages of the giant disc immortal, any damage to the Aoki Paradise would make Wei Xiaobei feel unhappy.
The Aoki Blessed Land is a miniature world that Wei Xiaobei has worked hard to cultivate. Now it is destroyed by the giant dish fairy. In addition to those plants and creatures, even the ground has been lifted up by it. How can Wei Xiaobei not let this happen? North is angry.
Fortunately, the giant dish fairy somehow did not rush towards the World Tree and the Fountain of Wisdom.
If these two were damaged, Wei Xiaobei would probably spit out a mouthful of old blood.
The most terrible thing was that after turning around in a circle, the giant dish fairy rushed towards the locust forest.
not good! This giant dish fairy must have discovered the rich yin energy of the locust tree forest, or perhaps felt the locust tree spirit.
Obviously, for the giant dish fairy who had been severely injured at this time, both the rich yin energy and the acacia tree spirit were excellent tonics that could quickly restore his injuries.
As for Wei Xiaobei, once the yin-rich locust forest is destroyed, the cathode of the Aoki Blessed Land will be destroyed, thus affecting the process of the entire Aoki Blessed Land transforming into a complete world!
It has to be said that for Wei Xiaobei, the giant dish fairy’s move was the last straw.
After discovering this, Wei Xiaobei did not dare to be negligent at all, and disappeared on the spot. When he reappeared, he was already in front of the giant dish immortal’s sprint, and the Soul Falling Bell in his right hand started to shake in an instant.
As the Soul-Destroying Bell swayed, the green light on the giant dish fairy quickly faded away. The giant dish fairy was attacked by the bell. After being severely injured, his body could no longer hold on, and he lost his balance and rolled out.
Of course, this is also the case because the giant dish fairy is naturally suppressed by the Qingmu Paradise. If it were in the gray world, the giant dish fairy is a spiritual body, and it is unlikely to lose its balance no matter what.
As the giant dish fairy lost its balance and rolled out, Wei Xiaobei appeared next to the giant dish fairy, and pierced the giant dish fairy with