ng the ghosts, he took the killed ghosts into the Aoki Blessed Land.

You know, the main purpose of Wei Xiaobei coming here was not to save people, but the bodies of these ghosts.
/Wei Xiaobei did not dislike even the corpses of ghosts and monsters that were killed by gunfire around the wall, and kept them all in the Aoki Blessed Land.
Those ghosts were already angered by Wei Xiaobei.
Thinking about it, there are far more ghosts than Wei Xiaobei alone.
Most of the slightly intelligent creatures have the idea of ??bullying others.
As long as there are many people on your side, some enemies are not afraid of them, and they will even chase them and attack them.
It’s like a group of bison wandering by the river. If they meet a lion, they might be able to kill the lion.
But if you encounter a group of lions, the bison will only chase them for a while. After that, the old, weak, sick and disabled inside may be surrounded by the lions, and the remaining bison will not come to rescue.
It’s that simple.
A large number of ghosts and monsters rushed toward Wei Xiaobei from all directions.
The ones with the most numbers in it are probably the spider girls.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t know what was going on. Ever since he landed in Japan, most of the ghosts he encountered were related to women or had female characteristics.
Well, this probably has something to do with Japanese thinking.
However, to Wei Xiaobei, no matter how beautiful these ghosts are, in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, they are just a group of monsters exuding blood and light!
Wei Xiaobei was not a handsome person. When he saw the beautiful faces, he became dizzy and ate after he served them.
However, the number of ghosts was really too much, especially since many of them were able to dematerialize their bodies. They were even able to attack Wei Xiaobei from underground, which made Wei Xiaobei feel overwhelmed for a while.
Of course, this was also because Wei Xiaobei didn’t have any handy weapons.
If the ink gun was in hand, these ghosts might not even dare to get close.
This Seraph Sword couldn’t even inject real mercury and cover it with a layer of electrical grid, so Wei Xiaobei could only use his long sword to chop it.
Well, during this period, Wei Xiaobei also saved the needle woman several times.
Although this needle girl is loyal, she really lacks strength if she wants to join such a battle.
/The three-star elites are also unable to resist when they encounter ghosts and monsters from all directions.
In the end, Wei Xiaobei simply threw Zhennu out of the ring.
A few minutes after Wei Xiaobei’s killing spree, those ghosts finally became afraid.
This is just like playing a money game. Hundreds of non-Krypton gold players in a country besiege a super platinum tycoon. After fighting for a long time, they don’t lose much blood. On the contrary, they kill each other with one sword and kill them easily.
Even a mentally retarded person might not be willing to participate in a battle like this.
So when Wei Xiaobei split a Feiyuan Demon in half that tried