es, forming a huge thunder whirlpool. The sky thunder moves in the cloud, continuously illuminating the calamity cloud!

The power of the Heavenly Tribulation exploded, and an extremely bright thunder fell from the swirling vortex of the Tribulation Cloud, stretching the figures of Xu Ying and Yuan Weiyang very long!
Their shadows first became clear, and then slowly faded, and then the terrifying spatial fluctuations roared towards them, and the two of them hurriedly activated their respective skills and magical powers to resist.
The Divine Bridge jumped violently, bouncing everyone up. Everyone stabilized their bodies and fell towards the Divine Bridge.
The electric light shone so bright that Xu Ying’s eyes were filled with tears. He only had time to vaguely see the bronze mountain peak being split open. Behind Xu Fu, the soul leaped out, vast and boundless, and cut it flat with a sword, cutting off the weakened sky thunder!
“It’s my magical power!”
Xu Ying was touched by Xu Fu’s magical power, and suddenly many memories came to his mind. It was the scene four thousand years ago when Zulong selected the elites of various sects, selected 3,000 boys and girls, and sent them to sea.
On the ship, young Xu Fu stood beside him and whispered: “Xu Ying, most of the elites of these sects have bad intentions. They are going to sea with us this time, and their targets are you, the fairy mountain and the immortal medicine. When they find these things, that’s when they kill them. We must work together to ensure safety.”
Xu Ying turned around, grabbed his neck, lifted up the young Xu Fu, and said indifferently: “Xu Fu, I still remember that it was you who came up with the idea to mobilize the immortal weapons of these sects to pry open my head!”
/Xu Fu couldn’t breathe and struggled: “I just want to unlock your memory.”
Another thunder struck down from the sky above Yujing City. Xu Fu fought with Heavenly Tribulation, and the magical power he used evoked more memories of Xu Ying’s fight.
They crossed the sea and went to a place called the Demon Ruins, promising to hide a fairy mountain there that year.
However, there are endless demons along the way, not only demons, but also various ancient demons. Xu Ying, with his cultivation that was only in the training period, led the crowd to kill the demon and defeat the demon god, which made Xu Fu admire him extremely.
However, Xu Ying’s cultivation was still shallow at that time. Sometimes they couldn’t defeat him, so they had to choose a ghost to die.
This ship has become a purgatory for people’s hearts, with intrigues, intrigues, and mutual strife. The other people on the ship do have their own agendas. Some are spies planted by Zulong, some bear the heavy responsibility of the sect, some are secretly in contact with the world of heaven, and some have the destiny of the immortal world.
Xu Fu stood out at this time and used calculations to trick everyone except Xu Ying and those demon gods who wanted them to sacrifice. He used three thousand Qi re