iant will not easily treat him.

This is the officiant, the officiant with a distinguished status in the church, not the big carrots everywhere!
After harvesting the divinity, Wei Xiaobei just said hello to the chief priest and left the base.
Once he knew that this divinity might cause trouble, Wei Xiaobei wouldn’t be able to stay in this base for too long.
The officiating priest was naturally extremely reluctant to leave Wei Xiaobei, but His Majesty the Pope’s decision was not something that the officiating priest could stop.
In the middle of the night, the chief priest and tens of thousands of believers sent Wei Xiaobei off with great fanfare.
Well, to be honest, Wei Xiaobei felt a little refreshed by such behavior, and a rare sense of vanity surged into his heart, but to be honest, it was too much of a waste of time!
Wei Xiaobei spent about a day and a half to visit more than ten Sun God human bases under Jiuzhou Island.
Only after landing on Honshu Island and harvesting the divinity from all the statues, did Wei Xiaobei show up at the headquarters of the Church of the Sun God, a very large human base.
Obviously, the chief priests had complicated expressions on their faces regarding Wei Xiaobei’s sudden appearance.
First of all, Wei Xiaobei was their biggest backer. During the period after Wei Xiaobei left Japan, even though the number of ghosts in the wild was decreasing rapidly, these chief priests felt uneasy.
They even have nightmares at night, dreaming that the base is invaded by ghosts and they are eaten by ghosts.
Therefore, after Wei Xiaobei appeared, they felt an inexplicable sense of security in their hearts.
/But the problem is that during the period after Wei Xiaobei left, these chief priests felt that they were as powerful as human emperors!
No matter where he went, the believers would kneel on the ground and pray to the chief priests for the blessing of the sun god.
The food they eat is the best, and the women they enjoy are the most beautiful!
Whoever you want to die must die!
In short, the chief priest is the most powerful being in a place where the belief in the Sun God is shrouded!
Even some time ago, some military bases receiving aid from the United States sent personnel to request several archcelebrants to conduct mass ceremonies.
If they weren’t worried about being caught or killed if they ran over, these chief priests might have passed by.
But anyway, it makes them feel good!
/But now, the Pope Wei Xiaobei is back.
Suddenly, there was another superior above their heads, which undoubtedly made them feel a little uncomfortable. Well, to be precise, it was uncomfortable!
It’s like an emperor. He hasn’t been happy for a few days after he ascended the throne. Suddenly, there is an emperor over his head. If he is dictating to himself, I’m afraid the emperor will not feel too comfortable.
Of course, even so, these chief priests did not dare to say anything in front of Wei Xiaobei. They tried their best to suppress their discomfort and knelt down towards Wei Xiaobei to express th