of these three people was, so she couldn’t help but sigh.

Suddenly, Lan Suying opened her eyes faintly and said with a smile: “Why did Senior Sister Feng sigh?”
The goddess was extremely surprised. She turned around and saw that Lan Suying had sat up, while Fairy Gushe and Yuan Tiangang also woke up in a daze.
The goddess was overjoyed and said with a smile: “How did you survive? Where did the Immortal Emperor imprison you? Tell me quickly! I counted it for six years, Mr. Xu Tianzun! Mr. Xu Tianzun! Your mother-in-law is awake, come quickly.”
In the distance, Xu Jing was piecing together the sacred bridge at the top of the mountain. Hearing the sound, he hurried over like lightning.
On the other side, Fairy Qiongtai also woke up. She opened her eyes and saw herself kneeling in front of a crystal coffin, surrounded by luminous pearls, illuminating the tomb as if it were daytime.
Fairy Qiongtai straightened up and saw Di Qingxuan’s body lying there quietly in the crystal coffin, his face still the same as before, as if there was still breath.
“Meng Shanming believed that I was the culprit who killed Qingxuan, so he buried me with Qingxuan. He also hated my actions, so he made me kneel in front of Qingxuan’s coffin.”
Fairy Qiongtai smiled slightly, the Emperor’s thoughts could not be hidden from her.
“But, among the five deities and twelve mysteries, everyone is a murderer. Why only target me?”
She recalled that she was lucky enough to be one of the leaders of the rebel army. Many people were attracted by her, but she didn’t have this in her heart.
/She is actually very pure, she just wants to overthrow the empress Zi Wei and find a way to survive for the common people. But when Shengzun, Zaixuan and others attacked Emperor Qingxuan, she knew that if she didn’t take action, she would also be eliminated.
Shengzun and others gave her the last move to kill Qingxuan, and later suppressed and sealed her because of this move, and threw her away 600,000 years ago.
“When I raised the Zhangtian Ruler and attacked Qingxuan, my behavior was no longer righteous.”
/She walked out of the tomb, broke open the door of Emperor Qingxuan’s tomb, and walked out.
Surrounded by beautiful mountains and clear waters, the scenery is pleasant, but this is not a paradise for immortals, it is just an ordinary place with good scenery.
Fairy Qiongtai looked back and saw that there was no tombstone in front of Emperor Qingxuan’s mausoleum, but people often came to clean it, so it was fairly clean. In fact, after Emperor Qingxuan died, all the history about him was erased and ceased to exist.
If Xu Ying and others hadn’t dug it out, no one would have known that there had been such a human emperor in history.
Fairy Qiongtai knelt down, gathered some earth to make incense, and offered a few sticks of incense to Emperor Qingxuan. She said in a low voice: “I never thought that I would be addicted to lust for power. Brother Tao, I will attack you.” At that moment, desire had already shattered my Taoist heart.”
She stood up: “Just realizin