e powerless and trapped in it. Then you will forget your original intention and cannot see the essence of the problem.” Liu Changan Said meaningfully.

Qin Zisi was stunned for a moment.
“People from Fuyu Vegetable Company will die if they die. How to solve the case, how to explain to the public, and how to arrest the suspects are all the police’s business. Does it have anything to do with you?” Liu Changan pointed to the black Mercedes-Benz over there. Modified car, “Are you still going to create a complete chain of evidence, and then bring that alien beast to justice, go to court to sentence him, and then send him to prison?”
Qin Zisi was speechless, feeling that Liu Changan was completely trying to excuse Li Hongfang, but she couldn’t refute it.
Of course, ordinary procedures cannot be followed for issues related to alien beasts.
/“If the alien beast did it, just go find the alien beast. There is no need to talk about evidence, let alone the procedures. Why are you looking for Li Hongfang? Could it be that she is the tauren?” Liu Changan pointed at himself, “The chances of me being a tauren are all. She is much older than Li Hongfang. If you want to check on her, why not check on me? Go and take a closer look at the surveillance video of that day. Not only did she drive that Mercedes-Benz modified car, but I also drove it and walked around for a while.”
/“I’m not saying she is a tauren, I just think she is involved.” Qin Zisi said unconvinced.
“I have told you, you have forgotten why you came to Junsha. You are here to deal with the problem of alien beasts. The murder case of Fuyu Vegetable Company should be the reason for you to negotiate with the alien beasts, your entry point, and the reason for your negotiation with the alien beasts. They are an excuse to exert pressure instead of becoming the focus of your work.” Liu Changan waved his hand, “Let’s go and do whatever you have to do. I finally got Li Hongfang to change his ways and make some insignificant contributions to social stability. You don’t want to If I push her too hard and make her do something illegal and disorderly again, all my good intentions will be in vain.”
After saying that, Liu Changan walked away. Qin Zisi stood there with a frown on his face. At one moment, he felt that what he said made sense, and at another, he felt that he was using words to trick her.
When Li Hongfang saw Liu Changan coming, she lowered her voice and said, “Brother Liu, are you threatening her? Now that I have gone over and scolded her for being nosy, won’t she dare to talk back?”
“She came to catch us. She is a dog, so are you a mouse, or am I a mouse?” Liu Changan said angrily, “I just asked her to find those strange beasts, so as not to cause trouble for you. As for whether she will cause trouble for you , it depends on her mood, do you still want to scold her?”
Li Hongfang was slightly confused. It seemed that Brother Liu still cared a little about this woman. Li Hongfang tried to kill someone but he refused. Even if she wanted to curse, Li Hongfang couldn’