e, under the care of their own knight attendants, dismounted and disarmed, and stimulated their sluggish energy and blood.

Only the Lancelot knight fell behind alone. Even after the camp was set up, he did not dismount.
There is no doubt that the previous duel dealt a huge blow to Lancelot, so much so that he is still in a trance.
/Instead, Mordred came over with a smile on his face and invited Lancelot to enjoy dinner with him.
Seeing this scene, the other Knights of the Round Table felt a little emotional in their hearts. Even though this Mordred is usually a bit fucked up, it seems now that he has a good character. He is able to invite his previous duel opponents for dinner. Such courage It is also rare among the Knights of the Round Table.
But they didn’t know that all Mordred did was to continue to suppress Lancelot’s reputation.
Mordred knew that with Lancelot’s extremely arrogant and mysophobic character, it would be impossible for him to accept the invitation of the winner, and he would even feel insulted!
/What happened next proved this.
After hearing Mordred’s invitation, Lancelot looked cold and replied in an indifferent tone: “No need.”
Then, Lancelot turned around and left with his knights and attendants. While the Knights of the Round Table were stunned, he did not dismount and disarm until he reached a nearby grove, and built a small camp with his knights and attendants.
Well, if Lancelot is the only Knight of the Round Table, there is nothing wrong with this.
After all, Lancelot has six knight attendants alone, who are responsible for wiping armor, weapons, brushing horses, cooking, wearing armor, etc., and these knight attendants can all follow Lancelot. Slott went to the battlefield together, and they each had their own horses and armor.
But the question is, what is the situation now?
An army of thousands of people looked on, but Lancelot, as a superior, had no scruples about the impact on the army, and resolutely showed the discord between the Knights of the Round Table in front of these soldiers.
Well, Lancelot’s two best knights of the Round Table even wanted to smash his head open to see what he was thinking!
“Haha, Lancelot probably feels uncomfortable because he lost to me. This is normal. Don’t think too much. Let’s go to dinner together.”
Mordred couldn’t help but feel overjoyed when he saw that Lancelot had been fooled, but he still looked a little disappointed on the surface and said some words that everyone knew but could express his pride.
It has to be said that those Knights of the Round Table really took this trick. Even the Knights of the Round Table who had not had a good impression of Mordred before stepped forward to comfort him, then put their arms around his shoulders and entered together. Camp.
Well, with Mordred’s behavior, even Lancelot’s two good friends couldn’t go over to comfort Lancelot at this time.
As for the lonely Lancelot, one can imagine how uncomfortable he felt.
Especially when he heard the sound of drinking and cheering coming from the camp in t