ed many powerful creatures, Zhu Xinyi was in a good mood, holding Wei Xiaobei’s left arm and shaking it.

“Ahem, Xinyi, please pay attention to your image.”
Although the contact between the arms was soft and very comfortable, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t bring himself to have close contact with Zhu Xinyi in full view of everyone.
Zhu Xinyi did not continue to pester, but snorted softly, turned around and pulled Zhao Guang away.
Alas, Wei Xiaobei sighed softly. He naturally knew that Zhu Xinyi pulled Zhao Guang away to save his own face.
Speaking of master-disciple love, it doesn’t sound good.
After thinking about it, before leaving, Wei Xiaobei left the remaining twelve white horse Yi Cong with Zhu Xinyi, Huang Kun, Zhao Guang and others.
Looking at the current situation in China, even ancient armies such as Great Qin, Great Tang, and the Yue Family Army have appeared. The number of creatures entering reality from the gray world will probably increase further and become even more powerful.
Regardless of Zhu Xinyi, Huang Kun and others are among the top ten in China, but if they really encounter a very powerful monster, it will be very dangerous to fight.
With these twelve White Horse Yi Cong on the side, if anything else, at least there is a chance to escape if there is danger.
/Twelve White Horse Yi Cong teamed up and rode dragon horses. Even if they were four-star terrifying beings, it would be very difficult to keep them here.
After leaving Bai Ma Yicong behind, Wei Xiaobei felt that he didn’t have too many worries.
After notifying Xu Feiyang by phone, a military transport plane quickly landed at the airstrip.
Of course, with the repairs made by professional engineers during this period, the airstrip is no longer the uneven grassland it was at the beginning, but an airport built of special steel plates and cement.
Apart from anything else, there is no big problem for this airport to land fighter jets.
In order to express their gratitude to Wei Xiaobei, Xu Feiyang and a group leader came to the airport to see him off.
You must know that in order to ensure the safety of this Huns camp, the Chinese military dispatched a separate armored regiment to station nearby.
The transport plane landed at an air force airport three hours later, and Wei Xiaobei then boarded a fully fueled fighter jet.
In order to meet Wei Xiaobei’s needs, the Chinese military separately transferred this two-seat fighter jet that was originally used for teaching.
“Mr. Wei, are you ready? In order to hurry up, we need to enter supersonic flight.”
After the fighter jet soared into the sky, the pilot asked cautiously.
You know, if a fighter jet flies at supersonic speed, it will put a heavy burden on the body of ordinary humans, and it may even cause fatal damage to the body.
Wei Xiaobei knew that the pilot probably regarded him as an ordinary person, so he couldn’t help but smile: “It’s okay, fly as fast as possible.”
The pilot probably also saw Wei Xiaobei’s strong figure, so he didn’t say anything more and then accelerated h