fleet with Huang Kun.

Huang Kun sent him for treatment and training and didn’t mention it much.
The body of the deep sea giant was quickly released from the storage ring by Wei Xiaobei and dragged behind an oil tanker with a steel cable.
Seeing this scene, although the passengers were frightened, there were also many experts in biological research. The researchers volunteered to participate in the research on the deep-sea giants.
Wei Xiaobei also provided some conveniences for such requests.
However, dragging the body of the Deep Sea Giant behind an oil tanker would not last long, so Wei Xiaobei roughly explored the body structure of the Deep Sea Giant, collected some of the Deep Sea Giant’s blood, and used it as a gene bank reserve. Put it into the storage ring again.
As for those experts, the researchers divided some fragments of the deep-sea giants and concentrated them on an oil tanker for research.
Wei Xiaobei sat on the bow of an oil tanker and began to analyze the genes of the deep-sea giants.
For Wei Xiaobei, who had analyzed the genes of many powerful creatures, it was not difficult to analyze the genes of this deep-sea giant.
By the time the fleet entered the African waters, Wei Xiaobei had already analyzed all the genes of the deep-sea giants.
It can be seen from its genetic map that the genes of the deep sea giant have initially come into contact with some rules, but there is a foreign mysterious gene in its genes.
This foreign mysterious gene is in a semi-virtual state and is not active in an environment with sea water. Once it comes into contact with soil or the like, this foreign mysterious gene will become extremely active, thus fundamentally affecting the Destroy the genetic stability of the giants of the deep.
/This is the specific reason why the strength of the deep sea giant has been greatly reduced after setting foot on land.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei confirmed that this foreign mysterious gene was directly related to the so-called divine punishment.
However, with the current analytical capabilities of the Life Altar, it is impossible to analyze this foreign mysterious gene. Even if it is to analyze part of it, the time required is quite terrifying.
This made Wei Xiaobei feel quite regretful.
You know, if this foreign mysterious gene can be analyzed and fully understood, Wei Xiaobei will have a means to restrain a certain race!
Punish other races just like you punished the giants of the deep!
To be honest, if he could have this method, it would be of great benefit to Wei Xiaobei.
Just when Wei Xiaobei was about to use his time at sea to analyze part of this foreign mysterious gene, a piece of bad news came.
Pharaoh’s kingdom is destroyed!
Well, to be precise, it was the arrival of Anubis, the god worshiped by the ancient Pharaohs.
This god of death in ancient Pharaoh myths and legends brought a huge “surprise” to the Pharaoh country as soon as he arrived.
Countless legendary scarabs swarmed out of pyramids everywhere and swept across the entire Pharaoh’s kingdom.
/In the fac