body. These khaki lines quickly combined into runes, and began to bloom with khaki light.

This sudden change startled Wei Xiaobei, and he quickly pulled away.
/And Wei Xiaobei’s caution was correct.
Those earth-yellow rays are the same as those released by Ba Xia, and any object they come into contact with will quickly turn into a rock shape.
Such power even spread to Ba Xia’s head.
The yellow light swept across, and Ba Xia’s head turned to stone bit by bit. Even the ferocious centipedes lying at the entrance of the crack could not escape this fate, and their bodies quickly turned to stone and fell down.
During this process, the turtle demon king’s eyes were kept tightly closed, suspended in the air fifty meters above the ground, as if he was asleep.
After its body expanded to six hundred meters, the expansion trend slowed down.
At this time, the Xuan Turtle Demon King opened his eyes and stared at Ba Xia’s head, which had completely turned into stone.
The turtle demon king opened his huge mouth and bit down on Ba Xia’s head.
Compared with before, Ba Xia’s head at this time was completely equivalent to tofu in front of the Xuan Turtle Demon King, extremely fragile.
Seeing that the Xuan Turtle Demon King had set the target of feeding on Ba Xia’s head, Wei Xiaobei knew that his previous plan was ruined.
However, it can also be seen from this that the Xuan Turtle Demon King looked extremely hungry at this time, gnawing at Ba Xia’s head with large mouthfuls, without paying any attention to the rocks that he swallowed in his stomach.
Of course, for the Xuan Turtle Demon King at this time, perhaps rocks are its staple food.
The Xuan Turtle Demon King ate this feast for more than two hours. After chewing up Ba Xia’s head, he even gnawed down Ba Xia’s neck to Ba Xia’s torso in one go.
It wasn’t until Ba Xia’s entire body was reduced to only the back half that the Xuan Turtle Demon King burped and stopped eating.
And as the Xuan Turtle Demon King was full, the yellow light outside his body also converged and disappeared.
Only then did Wei Xiaobei step forward and ask.
It turned out that the Xuan Turtle Demon King found a yellow crystal in Ba Xia’s head. Although it didn’t know what it was, the appetite from the depths of its blood made it swallow it without hesitation. said.
Due to extreme hunger, the Xuan Turtle Demon King gnawed most of Ba Xia’s body into his stomach.
This satisfied the Xuan Turtle Demon King’s hunger, but the only problem was that the Xuan Turtle Demon King was full again, lying next to Ba Xia’s remains and panting heavily.
There is no doubt that the turtle demon king’s gluttony forced some changes in Wei Xiaobei’s plan.
Naha’s head and the space inside were swallowed up by the turtle demon king in shock. Wei Xiaobei could only observe the remaining parts of Naha’s body.
Compared to his head, there is still a semi-independent space in the remaining half of Baxia’s body.
However, most of this semi-independent space has also been eaten by the Xuan Turtle Demon King, a