seemed that it was rare for the Hundred-Armed Black Night Lord to encounter an enemy who was evenly matched with him, so he looked extremely excited. He jumped up high, and then a black blade of light bloomed from his back and struck Wei Xiaobei’s clone again.

It can be seen that this hundred-armed black night lord is going all out this time. All the arms behind him are moving, and the blades on each arm burst out with dozens of black blades of light. Hundreds of arms combined, Thousands of black sword lights formed a black torrent.
And this black torrent has locked onto Wei Xiaobei, and its extremely sharp momentum even made Wei Xiaobei’s clone feel some pain on his face!
/Facing the rushing black torrent, Wei Xiaobei’s avatar’s accompanying big gun in his right hand struck out again. In an instant, extremely hot fire and even thunder and lightning appeared on the gun’s body!
The clone drank lightly, and the golden light of merit around him bloomed like the rising sun, and then a transparent gun light appeared on the tip of the big gun. After it merged with the firelight, thunder and lightning, and the real mercury, it transformed into A mixture of blue, white and red gun gas came out of the gun!
The black torrent seemed boundless, almost drowning Wei Xiaobei’s clone, but in an instant, the gun air collided with the black torrent, and instantly penetrated the black torrent, shooting towards the hundred-armed Night Lord. Passed by!
Faced with this sudden accident, the hundred-armed Night Lord had a look of astonishment on his face, but his reaction speed was far from keeping up with this change.
In an instant, the gun air hit the chest of the Hundred-Armed Black Night Lord. The next moment, the gun air penetrated his chest and came out from his back, cutting off more than a dozen waving black arms!
Although the wounds of the Hundred-Armed Dark Night Lord began to heal quickly in the next moment, this confrontation alone made the Hundred-Armed Dark Night Lord realize that the opponent’s strength had surpassed his own.
At this time, the torrent formed by the black sword light also hit the moral golden light outside Wei Xiaobei’s body.
The collision between the two suddenly erupted into countless black and golden sparks, sputtering out in all directions.
What made the hundred-armed Black Night Lord’s face change was that the final result of the collision between the two was that all his black sword light was consumed, and only the golden light of merit still appeared outside Wei Xiaobei’s body.
This completely one-sided battle result made the always unscrupulous Hundred-Armed Night Lord know what the pain of failure is.
However, the Hundred-Armed Dark Night Lord is not the kind of rookie who will become dejected, helpless, or even turn around and run away if he fails at all.
/During the fighting career of the Hundred-Armed Dark Night Lord, there were many earth gods whose strength was much greater than his own, but these earth gods eventually fell under the blade of the Hundred-Armed Dark Night Lor