f spiritual energy entering the Aoki Paradise at every moment has reached a quite objective level.

In this way, no matter what, Wei Xiaobei made a lot of money.
The only thing Wei Xiaobei has to worry about now is that Gao Tianyuan collapses so fast that Aoki Paradise cannot swallow enough material!
Wei Xiaobei’s worries were not groundless.
Through the space channel, Wei Xiaobei was able to observe Gao Tianyuan’s current state.
It can be said that the entire Gao Tianyuan is like a slightly broken ball at this time.
After discovering this, Wei Xiaobei simply drove the entrance to the space passage to the highest level of Gaotianyuan. After all, the highest level converted much more spiritual energy than other lands.
Time passed bit by bit, and under the collapse of Gao Tianyuan itself and the continuous devouring of Aoki Paradise, its collapse speed continued to increase.
Wei Xiaobei could already feel that all the cannon fodder weapons had been destroyed.
Wei Xiaobei was not surprised by this.
/In other words, the volume of the entire Gaotian Plain at this time is less than one percent of its original size.
it’s time.
By this time, Wei Xiaobei knew that the end of Gao Tianyuan was coming.
In order to prevent Gao Tianyuan from affecting Aoki Paradise at the last moment, Wei Xiaobei made a painful decision and decided to completely close the space channel and cut off the connection between Aoki Paradise and Gao Tianyuan.
This meant that Wei Xiaobei had to give up the last bit of benefit.
Of course, such a decision is necessary.
Although Wei Xiaobei didn’t know much about the possible turmoil caused by the final destruction of the world, it might not be a good thing if Aoki Paradise kept in contact with it.
Wei Xiaobei stretched out his right hand and gently grabbed the space passage where rich spiritual energy was still flowing out. The space passage suddenly began to shrink.
/But the shrinking of the space channel also made the rich spiritual energy floating out more and more intense, as if Aoki Blessed Land wanted to take another bite before the channel was closed.
Finally, after the space channel shrunk to less than an inch, it suddenly collapsed completely and disappeared into the air.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t know that just after the space passage was completely closed, thousands of white lights appeared in the remaining part of Gaotianyuan in an instant. These white lights completely ignored the tattered space barrier of Gaotianyuan and went straight through. Gao Tianyuan turned into streaks of light and eventually flew to no one knows where.
And as the white light left, Gao Tianyuan was like an activated nuclear bomb. The collapse speed suddenly accelerated a thousand times. With a bang, all the land and materials were exploded into countless powders in an instant, completely scattered and disappeared into the void. middle.
Gao Tianyuan has completely dissipated so far. Even if a powerful person comes here, he cannot find any remaining traces related to Gao Tianyuan in the dark void.
Gao Tianyuan