ntains the natural way of heaven and earth!

To put it simply, this is the talisman!
In Taoism, talismans are an extremely important thing, with many types and different uses.
The scroll given by Zhang Tianshi contains a method of drawing talismans!
Of course, this method can only draw the Nine-hole Heavenly Weapon Talisman.
However, Wei Xiaobei was confident that he could figure out something from the drawing of the nine-hole heavenly weapon talisman.
/Of course, for now, what Wei Xiaobei needs is to draw a Nine-hole Heavenly Weapon Talisman first, instead of imagining some unreliable things.
Drawing talismans requires some tools, but Wei Xiaobei does not have them. Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei has the skill of refining weapons, and the refining instructions for the required tools are written on this scroll.
It is best for the talisman pen to be made of high-quality spiritual wood as the rod and hair containing spiritual energy as the tip. The requirements for the talisman paper are much lower. Even the most ordinary white paper is acceptable, but it requires advanced skills and strength to draw talismans. To make up for the lack of talisman paper, the top talisman papers are all made of thousand-year-old wood and need to be stored in a place with abundant spiritual energy.
Cinnabar, inkstones, etc. are all very particular.
But all this is not difficult for Wei Xiaobei.
The talisman pen is made of World Tree branches. As for the pen tip, in Wei Xiaobei’s opinion, the best one is the fire phoenix’s feathers, but the little red one has gone somewhere now. Fortunately , Wei Xiaobei had already collected some of the fluff that fell from Xiao Hong’s body in advance, and it was naturally the best time to use it to make talisman pens.
As for the talisman paper, Wei Xiaobei uses the leaves of the world tree. There is no need to refine it. He only needs to dry it and cut it into the required size to make the best talisman paper. You must know the vitality and aura contained in the leaves of the world tree. But it is huge that those thousand-year-old trees do not possess.
As for the inkstone, Wei Xiaobei directly carved one out of mutton-fat white jade, and engraved on it a set of runes used to gather spiritual energy on the scroll.
At this point, Wei Xiaobei discovered that the runes Ao Yan taught him were similar to the runes on the scroll, but they seemed more primitive, but also much more powerful.
In fact, Wei Xiaobei has known the origin of runes for a long time. Most of them come from the lines on the bodies of divine beasts, and these lines naturally have magical power. From a certain point of view, this is actually a kind of An imitation of the rules.
Because of this, these runes have those magical effects.
/However, except for some humans with outstanding talents, it is too difficult for the rest of the human beings to master those original lines. Therefore, in the continuous research of Taoism, these lines are simplified as much as possible to facilitate this kind of knowledge. learning and dissemination.