s like a family member to me. How can we fall in love? I see your eyes twinkling with a hint of calculation. I advise you not to target Zhu Juntang or you will die.” Liu Changan also said He couldn’t read minds, but he could tell at a glance whether others had malicious intentions, so he reminded her gently with a smile.

After all, he is not the kind of devil who wants to kill someone just because he has some evil thoughts in his heart.
Wang Wentian only felt that Liu Changan’s eyes were like knives, and the sharpness seemed to be piercing into his eyes, so Wang Wentian had to avoid looking at him. What really made Wang Wentian frightened was that Liu Changan and Zhu Juntang were family friends!
This means that Liu Changan does not need to rely on the relationship with Zhu Juntang to be a boyfriend and girlfriend. The Zhu family is a resource that can provide assistance to Liu Changan. This is the true meaning of world friendship.
/Aren’t the two most important and close interpersonal resources that the powerful rely on most, namely in-laws and family friends?
It turns out that Liu Changan did not rely on the power of powerful people, he was a powerful person himself.
No wonder the president of Hunan University, who I met through providing resources in the COS circle, said that today’s Hunan University is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and has heavyweight and powerful disciples.
I don’t know if the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” that person mentioned includes Liu Changan in front of me.
It’s a pity that something happened to the principal, and it’s not convenient to contact him anymore. This has also damaged Wang Wentian’s resources a lot. Wang Wentian spent a lot of money to send so many beautiful girls.
What he just said could only be considered as a not very friendly tone, but he was not ready to be truly sarcastic. Liu Changan shouldn’t hold a grudge, right?
/Liu Changan softly uttered the two words “will die”, which still made Wang Wentian feel uneasy. In today’s legal society, public opinion is raging. He was thinking about all kinds of things. When Wang Wentian raised his head again, his hair was neatly parted to reveal his forehead, and he adjusted his black tortoise-colored glasses. His generous and round face was filled with an honest smile.
“Why would I target Zhu Juntang? She is almost the kind of perfect girl. I just want to get closer and see if there is a chance to take some photos of her. However, I also know that she does not lack photographers at all. This kind of wealthy daughter has her own The royal photographer, I don’t have that ability. Brother Liu, you should have taken photos of Miss Zhu. There are three elements of portraits: beautiful girl, beautiful girl, beautiful girl, live together!”
Zhu Juntang actually doesn’t have a royal photographer to insist on saying, so does Zhong Qing count?
Liu Changan still remembers that one time when he and Zhu Juntang were chatting, she suddenly picked up a book. Zhongqing understood instantly and quickly caught Zhu Juntang’s expression an