sound of thunder has special effects in regulating and exciting the internal organs!

Just such a sound of thunder forced out the bruises and blood left from Wei Xiaobei’s previous injury, removing most of the hidden dangers. How could Wei Xiaobei be unhappy?
You must know that although Wei Xiaobei’s powerful attributes can make the physical body stronger, the injuries on the skin and the bruises and congestion hidden in the internal organs are difficult to recover on their own, and the strength of the internal organs is far behind. Muscles, bones, etc.
But now Hupao Leiyin can solve this problem.
/Of course, it is impossible to remove all the hidden pain and blood congestion in one go.
After breakfast, Wei Xiaobei drove a van to work at Longhudou Restaurant.
Huang Jun was somewhat dissatisfied with Wei Xiaobei’s behavior of not going to work for more than ten days in a row. He took Wei Xiaobei to the office and educated him for half an hour before releasing him.
Fortunately, after Wei Xiaobei’s cooking skills have been improved to the level of hard work, the dishes he cooks are much better than those more than ten days ago. After seeing Wei Xiaobei cook three good dishes in a row, Huang Jun’s face After showing some smile, he designated a stove for Wei Xiaobei to operate independently from today on.
Regarding this, Wei Xiaobei was naturally happy. After thanking Huang Jun, he began his independent working career.
As for Huang Jun, after that, when he was not working, he explained some things to Wei Xiaobei. With Wei Xiaobei’s current memory, he naturally remembered everything in his mind, even if Huang Jun drew it at any time. Wei Xiaobei was able to answer the question, which made Huang Jun smile even more.
After a busy day, in addition to gaining a better understanding of cooking, Wei Xiaobei also completed more than fifty dishes that were delicious, tasty and tasty.
After all, Wei Xiaobei had just started cooking independently, and Huang Jun did not dare to put too much pressure on him. At the end of the day, Wei Xiaobei had only cooked a total of more than a hundred dishes. It would be great if half of them were delicious, tasty, and tasty.
You must know that the conditions required on the property panel to be both delicious and delicious are very strict. Even some dishes that Huang Jun thinks pass the test are not recognized in the property panel.
At seven o’clock in the evening, Wei Xiaobei left work early.
By the time Wei Xiaobei hurried back to the martial arts gym, the English tutor he found online had been waiting at the martial arts gym for a while.
Huang Kun didn’t understand the master’s sudden desire to learn English.
For Huang Kun, life now is simply too happy. He doesn’t have to go to class, do homework, or even play with those naive classmates.
Well, for guys like Huang Kun, reading is indeed an unbearable torture.
Zhu Xinyi, on the other hand, is a little dissatisfied. You must know that her English scores are also very good. Although they may not be as good as those students in th