an hour, Wei Xiaobei came out of Zhu Xinyi’s room sweating profusely and went to the bathroom to take a good shower.

Wei Xiaobei swore that he would never accept any more female apprentices in the future. This one would be very troublesome. If he had a few more, he would have to wipe his neck and jump off the building.
Zhu Xinyi’s whole body was red at this time and she had already fallen asleep on the bed. The air was filled with a strong smell of medicinal wine.
Until two thirty in the afternoon, Zhu Xinyi did not wake up from her sleep. Wei Xiaobei had to step into the room again and use an extremely rough method to wake Zhu Xinyi up from her sweet sleep.
“Wake up!”
“Pa!” A cold wet towel was thrown on Zhu Xinyi’s face, waking her up immediately.
Zhu Xinyi was going crazy.
I finally had a good dream and was woken up by Master.
If it weren’t for the fact that she couldn’t win, Zhu Xinyi would really want to fight Wei Xiaobei.
At this time, Zhu Xinyi no longer cared about her ladylike appearance, and just looked at Wei Xiaobei and wanted to take a bite.
I don’t know Lingxiang Xiyu at all!
As a result, the little bit of black hair that had just appeared deep in Zhu Xinyi’s heart was broken, and was replaced by anger.
No way, no matter which woman is rubbed up and down by a man for so long, she will have some thoughts in her mind, either good or bad.
But in the end, Zhu Xinyi had to get up obediently, changed her clothes and followed Wei Xiaobei downstairs.
The special training lasted for seven days and nights.
Each session lasts about five hours, followed by meals, massage, rest for two and a half hours, and then getting up and going downstairs to train.
Even if it’s twelve o’clock in the evening, it’s still the same.
Zhu Xinyi directly nicknamed Wei Xiaobei the cold-faced master from the bottom of her heart.
She felt that these three days and three nights of special training had exhausted all the exercise in her life.
Until Wei Xiaobei announced that the special training was over, Zhu Xinyi couldn’t believe her ears.
“Go take a shower first and then take a nap.”
Wei Xiaobei showed a rare smile.
As a master, even if he is only a named disciple, a performance like Zhu Xinyi’s is enough to be proud of.
Toughness and talent. When these two points are combined, even a girl can become a master of Chinese martial arts.
You know, after seven days and seven nights of special training, Zhu Xinyi’s skills are no less than those of ordinary martial arts enthusiasts who have practiced for three years.
/And due to her poor foundation in strength, agility, etc., the special training during this period has also increased her attributes. Although it is not much, it is enough to make up for some shortcomings.
Zhu Xinyi was flattered by Wei Xiaobei’s smiling face. She nodded hurriedly, put several pieces of beef in her hand into her mouth, and rushed into the bathroom while chewing.
Zhu Xinyi hated the smell on her body. No girl could bear the smell of her body mixed with the rancid wine and sweat.
After Zh