alm of my hand.”

The Holy Emperor clenched his fists.
“Your Majesty can also take action against me. At this moment, I am wide open and defenseless, which is the best time for Your Majesty to kill me. But as long as Your Majesty takes action, you will fall into my trap.”
Zhou Qiyun continued to walk up the mountain and said calmly, “Your Majesty is now shaken by the old minister’s words and is unstable. If you rush to attack the old minister, you will lose faster. Your Majesty, what decision do you make?”
The Holy Emperor’s expression was gloomy and uncertain. Seeing that Zhou Qiyun was about to reach the top of the mountain, he could no longer hold back and pounced on Zhou Qiyun’s back!
The top of the mountain was suddenly quiet for a moment, and for a moment, a strange wave quietly erupted, silently, but in the distance, the top of the mountain exploded, and rocks floated into the air.
Huge rocks were flying randomly in the sky, obviously very fast, but they felt very slow, as if they would fly slowly for a long time before landing on the ground.
There were many Jinwu Guards at the foot of the mountain. They were horrified when they saw what happened, and they hurriedly ran away. Some people jumped off the cliff and narrowly escaped, while others were rolled up by countless rolling trees and swallowed into the torrent without knowing whether to live or die!
The clear sky is clear, the sky is blue, as deep as the abyss, unfathomable.
After a while, people heard the dull sound of the collision of magical powers coming from the top of Jiuyi Mountain.
One sound, two sounds, three sounds
The sound was like a knock on the heart, a knock on the soul, which shocked both the Jinwu Guards and the Guo family masters to lie on the ground and retching.
/Suddenly, a Qingyun flew over. The Qingyun was dilapidated and riddled with holes. Under the Qingyun, the Holy God Emperor’s clothes were a little messy and he looked a little bad. He flew over and landed in the Cangwu Sect’s main hall.
“Where is Eunuch Chen?”
“My servant is here.” Purple-clothed Eunuch Chen, covered in blood, hurriedly rolled and crawled towards Cangwu Sect, full of surprise and uncertainty.
“Get off and drive back to Beijing immediately!”
/“My slave obeys the order!”
After a while, the imperial chariot set off, surrounded by a group of Jinwu guards and Guo family masters to escort him. The emperor sat in the chariot and drew the thick curtains, making it completely airtight. In the chariot, the Holy Emperor coughed up blood and was exhausted.
On the top of Jiuyi Mountain, on the Wutong tree, a young man with white eyebrows opened the door of Wutong Palace, found the scroll of scripture left by Xu Ying, and sat down quietly.
He glanced through it briefly and found that it was indeed the complete “Jiuxiaoyang Shenxuan Tan Gong”. There were many red pen marks left in key places, saying that this was the key to making up for Tuoyu’s Immortal Book.
Zhou Qiyun carefully read this passage, and it was indeed possible to make up for the shortcomings o