After a while, a man wearing a robe walked in.
“Dean, it’s you.” Hull relaxed a little. The person who came was Shake Dean, his immediate boss at the time, but now this guy has followed him.
These people no longer belong to any organization, or even have any allegiance to a country.
Shake Dean found a chair and sat down and said: “You are finally back. A few days ago, Simo reported that all the things you asked him to do have been completed, in Tunisia, Alexandria and Cairo. , have already set up trading houses. The Sultan in the Black Land was very interested in the luxuries we provided, and Simo asked them to pay directly in gold.
“Simo also formed two bandit groups according to your wishes. However, it may be difficult to reach the planned ten bandit groups with 20,000 bandits completely under your control. Simo said that he has discovered Someone is watching him.”
“Where are the pirates? I asked Seamo to form a pirate group first, has he forgotten?” Hel asked with a straight face.
“Simo said that Tunisia is now completely controlled by the Debretons, and they will never allow pirates to appear. As soon as Simo revealed his intention to recruit sailors and combatants, the Debretons came to visit him. If it hadn’t been for him There are enough and strong bodyguards around him, and the Debreton people don’t dare to provoke them easily. I’m afraid they have been thrown into prison by the Debreton people.” Butler Gambido said.
“DeBreton really regards the ocean as their back garden.” Hull snorted coldly.
“There is no way around it. The ocean belongs to the Debreton people, at least for now.” Shake Dean sighed.
“Just for this matter, you came to my place specially?” Hel asked.
“Of course not. It was Gears who asked me to come here to tell you that the most hidden secret of the Blood Vengeance Brotherhood has been unlocked, and you can take action at any time now,” Dean said.
As long as Lida is still in a coma, there is no way to resolve the hatred between him and the blood feud.
Pacing in the study, Hull’s mind was all about how to deal a fatal blow to the blood feud, just like he did when he dealt with the Inquisition.
But as he thought about it, his brows knitted together because he remembered something.
In terms of strength, he must be powerful. Those magicians in Savage Ridge cannot be resisted by the Blood Vengeance Brotherhood, which is extremely short of magic power.
However, this advantage must only exist under the premise of head-on confrontation.
However, head-on confrontation is definitely not the style of the Blood Vengeance Brotherhood. It is their style to attack in secret and behind the scenes.
/The method used to deal with the Inquisition in the Holy See will definitely not be effective this time. Although Blood Vengeance, like the Inquisition, also has several monasteries used to train divine warriors, most members of Blood Vengeance do not gather together, but mix with ordinary people.
A year ago, when Yafa was at its most chaotic, it would have been possible to take action. B