nore it?

I’m angry!
Press the accelerator, flick the steering wheel, and boom!
Broken bread hit my beloved car!
“Forget it, as long as you stay with me for one day, sister, that’s all.”
Just thinking about it in my mind makes me excited and impulsive.
How is this going?
Are you dazzled?
I fainted due to pain in my crotch. Before I passed out completely, I seemed to hear my two brothers lying down.
What happened on the highway was simply a shame for me!
We must find that girl!
And then that and that! Let her remember for the rest of her life that I, Ye Langcheng, cannot be provoked! Make it impossible for her to survive in the local area!
But this girl seems to be hiding very deep!
With my Ye Langcheng’s strength, he actually couldn’t find the other party, and even the broken bread seemed to disappear.
How can this be!
However, during this period, Wuye Langcheng’s luck seemed to be relatively bad. Today, after drinking some wine, he and his brothers were beaten again. A group of middle school boys said that they had trained in some martial arts school, and the one who did it was Cruel.
My arms are hurting now!
wrong! What’s going on?
What is this place? Why is it so shabby, with dust everywhere!
Isn’t it possible that he was thrown out of town by the second-youngest boy in the group?
“Help! Help!”
/It was the voice of his brother.
what is that?
It’s a zombie!
Damn it, are you playing with Ye Langcheng like this?
By the way, after Zhu Xinyi and Huang Kun killed the group of zombies, they walked towards Ye Langcheng.
At this time, Ye Langcheng and his two brothers were fighting fiercely with a zombie.
The two of them held the zombie firmly from behind, while Ye Langcheng kept kicking towards the zombie’s head.
Finally, when Zhu Xinyi and the others appeared in front of them, the zombie’s head was also kicked off by Ye Langcheng.
But these three people were also scared to death.
So much so that these three people couldn’t react when they saw Zhu Xinyi appear.
Huang Kun knew about these three people from Zhu Xinyi before.
Huang Kun is an only son, and regards Zhu Xinyi as his sister. In addition, the two have joined forces several times in the gray world. When he heard that someone was disrespectful to her, he had already felt angry in his heart, so when he saw them, he felt quite angry. accurate.
“Are you scared? You are as timid as a mouse!”
“Soft girl?”
Ye Langcheng came to his senses when Huang Kun said this. When he saw Zhu Xinyi, he couldn’t hold his tongue for a while. However, after saying this, Ye Langcheng wanted to slap himself twice, and kicked him whenever he came up. A soft girl with a human lower body?
This is no soft girl, she is just a tigress!
“What? You still want to get back on your feet?”
What Huang Kun didn’t expect was that Zhu Xinyi now behaved like a big sister, and the words that came out of her mouth were completely different from her previous style.
As soon as Ye Langcheng heard this, his anger rose: “Smelly bitch, don’t be so shameless!”