ompared to the descendants of the scarabs in the desert.

After walking less than fifty meters towards Green Lake and not even passing through the entire rental street, Wei Xiaobei felt something was not right.
There were piles of white ash on both sides of the street. These white ash were the trouble Wei Xiaobei accidentally caused that time.
But now, Wei Xiaobei could feel that there were many eyes staring at him in the white dust.
The power of these eyes is very weak. If there are only one or two staring at him, it will be difficult for Wei Xiaobei to notice. But if the number exceeds a thousand, Wei Xiaobei will not be able to ignore them even if he wants to.
/Wei Xiaobei’s high degree of intuition made him feel an inexplicable tingling sensation under the gaze of these eyes.
Have these white ash mutated? Transformation from inanimate to animate?
Although such a conjecture is extremely ridiculous in reality, for Wei Xiaobei, who has experienced all kinds of weird and mysterious things in the gray world, it is not a joke.
Wei Xiaobei lightly touched the small treasure bag with his right hand, and the black white mist leg hair gun appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s hand.
The big gun was like an eyebrow-level stick, which was swung by Wei Xiaobei and smashed into a pile of white ash!
A dull explosion sounded, and the pile of white ash hit by the barrel of the big gun seemed to explode. The huge force carried down by the barrel of the gun caused the pile of white ash to explode in an instant.
Most of the hundreds of black dots were squeezed into meat paste in this blow, while the remaining black dots that escaped the damage crawled towards Wei Xiaobei.
Wrong, those are not black dots, but black beetles!
Several small black dots were thrown away by the huge force and fell towards Wei Xiaobei. They were caught in Wei Xiaobei’s hand. After a closer look, he understood.
It turns out that there are a lot of black beetles hiding in those piles of white ash!
Just by swinging the stick, Wei Xiaobei gained 27 evolution points.
In other words, 108 black beetles were killed by Wei Xiaobei’s blow with a stick!
Of course, not to mention 108, if these beetles were piled up in a straight line, Wei Xiaobei could kill more of them with one blow.
Another swing with the stick, the target is another ash pile!
Dust fills the air again, and 30 evolution points are obtained.
But after these two sticks went down, the piles of white ash on both sides of the road started to boil.
These black beetles seemed to know that they would continue to be attacked while hiding inside. The white ash pile squirmed, and one black beetle crawled out from inside and surrounded Wei Xiaobei.
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei made a move that was quite shocking in reality.
After taking off all his shoes, pants, and clothes and putting them into a small treasure bag, Wei Xiaobei lay on the ground and rolled towards the charging black beetles.
In the eyes of the black beetle, it didn’t matter whether Wei Xiaobei was standing or ly