ther places abroad. However, after Wei Xiaobei returned to this land, his heart felt peaceful and quiet, even though it was full of car exhaust gas. The air smells of a familiar country atmosphere.

The taxi stopped, Wei Xiaobei paid the fare, and walked slowly into the alley. Looking at the familiar gate of the martial arts gym, Wei Xiaobei could not help but feel a burst of joy in his heart.
“Bah bang bang.”
Wei Xiaobei knocked on the door, and a crisp knocking sound came immediately.
/Not long after, a lazy voice rang: “Who is it?”
/“Me.” Wei Xiaobei had already heard it was Huang Kun’s voice.
“Ah, Master!”
Naturally, Huang Kun could not fail to hear Wei Xiaobei’s voice. After a panicked sound of the door bolt being pulled, the door opened. Huang Kun stood behind the door with a face of joy. When he saw that it was really Wei Xiaobei, he couldn’t help but turn around. He ran towards it, shouting as he ran: “Sister Xinyi! Sister Xinyi! Master is back!”
Before Huang Kun could run into the indoor martial arts arena, a slender figure ran out and soon stood in front of Wei Xiaobei.
“Master, why did you come back? I thought you would never come back. I miss you so much.”
Before Wei Xiaobei could say anything, Zhu Xinyi threw herself on Wei Xiaobei and started crying, which made Wei Xiaobei a little confused.
After entering the indoor martial arts arena and finally persuading Zhu Xinyi, Wei Xiaobei gave the two of them some gifts he had brought back from abroad.
Huang Kun was the most excited. Wei Xiaobei gave him a mobile phone and a tablet.
This is what Wei Xiaobei has considered. This tablet computer can make it easier for Huang Kun to play games and enter the gray world.
Although today’s laptops are small and easy to carry, this tablet is more convenient to use.
What he gave to Zhu Xinyi were two bottles of cosmetics and some clothes. Wei Xiaobei didn’t know what to give to his female apprentice, so he chose these according to the preferences of ordinary girls. Of course, he also gave Zhu Xin a mobile phone. Yi, it’s easy to contact me.
The master is back, and there is a lot of popularity in the martial arts gym.
Huang Kun and Zhu Xinyi both had a bit of joy on their faces.
Wei Xiaobei cooked the dinner himself. Although it was just ordinary ingredients purchased from the vegetable market, Wei Xiaobei’s superb cooking skills allowed Huang Kun and Huang Kun to eat the dinner happily and exclaim that it was delicious. .
Wei Xiaobei ate much faster than Huang Kun and Huang Kun. After eating, Wei Xiaobei’s eyes fell on Huang Kun and Huang Kun.
In about half a month before and after he went abroad, the strength of the two of them had grown considerably, and they were not far from being two-star elites.
But from now on, when Wei Xiaobei enters the gray world, he will never act with the two of them again, or even enter the gray world with the two of them.
The little eagle has grown up, and Wei Xiaobei no longer needs to take care of it too much.
After dinner, the three of them came to the indoor martial