skills are formed, their growth will naturally be much slower.

When Zhu Xinyi went to her room, Wei Xiaobei also drove the SUV to work.
It is completely impossible to enter the gray world every 24 hours.
Every time you enter the gray world, the fatigue accumulated in your mind, body, and deep in your consciousness cannot be completely eliminated in 24 hours.
The most important thing is that it takes some time for psychological relief.
/Just like what he thought about Huang Kun before, Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to be confused in the gray world and become a monster who only knew how to kill.
Wei Xiaobei was vaguely aware of this.
Every time he entered the gray world and left, Wei Xiaobei would have a slight impulse of blood and violence in his heart.
In the gray world, you can kill those monsters at will, but when you return to reality, you cannot do this. This will give people a very uncomfortable illusion.
In this way, if Wei Xiaobei continues to enter the gray world for a long time, some problems may occur, no matter how determined Wei Xiaobei is.
This is similar to how veterans who fought in the war find it difficult to adapt to that peaceful environment after returning to a peaceful society, resulting in major psychological problems.
Wei Xiaobei heard this from his company commander when he was in the army.
Fortunately, things like this can now be resolved through psychological counseling.
The only trouble is that there are many things that Wei Xiaobei cannot tell, and even psychological counseling may not have much effect.
Therefore, if you put your energy into things you like, the results will be much better.
After the cooking skill is promoted to proficiency, its promotion tasks change.
Cooking (skilled) rare dishes 0/500.
You need to make five hundred dishes of rare quality to be able to advance to the culinary realm again.
After working at Longhudou Restaurant for a whole morning, Wei Xiaobei was certain of one thing.
Using the materials in reality, it is relatively easy to make high-quality dishes, but if you want to make so-called rare dishes, Wei Xiaobei has not been able to make one so far!
This made Wei Xiaobei a little confused.
Is the quality of the materials insufficient, or is this treasure inherently difficult to produce?
Wei Xiaobei was confused here. As Wei Xiaobei’s leader in cooking, Huang Jun, the kitchen manager, was overjoyed.
Huang Jun’s evaluation of Wei Xiaobei’s performance this morning was quite high.
There is no doubt that as Wei Xiaobei’s cooking skills have improved to perfection, not only the quality of the dishes has improved, but also the color, aroma and taste of the ordinary dishes have improved a lot.
After tasting a few dishes, Huang Jun had the thought of being inferior.
So in the afternoon, Huang Jun directly promoted Wei Xiaobei to chef.
In the kitchen of Longhudou Restaurant, Huang Jun has the highest status, and his official position is head chef.
/Below them are the chief and deputy chefs for hot and cold dishes, pastries, and Western dishes. Below