urnace at this time. The light and heat falling down fall on them, which can continuously consume their monster energy!

After a blink of an eye, the demons all reacted. No matter what kind of existence the big fireball was, one thing was certain!
His intentions are not good!
“Who are you? How dare you peek at my Yandang Mountain!”
Therefore, the next moment, the green bull demon with the most violent nature among the mountain masters kicked his legs, and then black energy emerged from his body. In an instant, he transformed into a large blue-black bull with a size of more than ten meters. The demonic aura rose up under his feet, and in an instant he rushed towards the big fireball high in the sky!
/There were three horns on its head, two horns on the top of its head, and a rhinoceros horn growing on the bridge of its nose!
Therefore, although the name of this green bull demon is somewhat similar to that of the green bull, it is not Si!
Judging from its prototype, it should be a hybrid descendant of buffalo and rhinoceros.
In reality, it would be difficult for a buffalo and a rhinoceros to produce offspring, but since they are monsters, things like this should be relatively common.
The big fireball that appeared among the dark clouds was naturally none other than Wei Xiaobei who came to investigate.
Wei Xiaobei originally planned to explore for a while, but seeing the large demons gathering here, it was really a rare opportunity.
You must know that the intelligence of these great monsters is actually not much different from that of humans. They have all the things they should have, such as cunning, cunning, selfishness, etc.
Therefore, if this opportunity is missed, if Wei Xiaobei shows his extremely strong strength next time, then more than 80% of these big monsters living in various mountain peaks will escape!
In this case, no matter how powerful Wei Xiaobei is, it is still unknown how many monsters he can catch against the big monsters that are bent on escaping for their lives.
Besides, Wei Xiaobei had already seen the pheasant spirit’s plan to leave, so how could he give him this chance?
The crime of massacring a county town and killing tens of thousands of people completely turned into a ball of blood-red light that almost condensed into substance in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes!
I’ve said it before.
This light is actually a curse mark based on race!
The pheasant spirit killed so many humans that after Wei Xiaobei saw the blood-red light on his body, it was difficult for Wei Xiaobei to resist the urge for revenge with his firm willpower!
To avoid such impulse, Wei Xiaobei had only one way, and that was to reincarnate again and choose another race.
Due to various reasons before, Wei Xiaobei did not hesitate too much and directly activated the Golden Crow in his dantian. In an instant, the Golden Crow emerged, turning Wei Xiaobei into a golden sun hanging in the dark clouds!
Wei Xiaobei originally planned to use the method of boiling frogs in warm water, continuously releasing light and heat, and whittlin