ich are caves of wild beasts.” Old Man Moon replied.

“It must be more than thirty meters. The ghost servants of the underworld have no eyes and can only see things with their blind sense. Their blind sense distance is thirty meters.” The elf magician explained.
“If that’s the case, you’d better think of other ways. I don’t know much about the Shadow Mountains. My traps are of little use to the creatures here. In the past, this place was a forbidden area for me.” Old Man Moon said helplessly said.
/The elf magician thought for a while, took the hurricane sword from Hel’s hand, and took out a lot of magic tools from the space ring. After giving some of the low-level magic tools to Hel, the elf magic The master said in a very solemn tone: “We only have one move left, pick up your weapons and prepare to fight.”
Hull said nothing. He silently took out the repeating rifle from the space ring and pushed up a magazine. Others saw this scene and could only remain silent. They had no way to interfere with this. battle.
But at this moment, a burst of red light flashed above the evil cloud and mist. This was the flash of light struck by the explosive flames.
After the explosion, the dark red fire clouds spread out in all directions, making everyone who saw this scene understand that there were indeed helpers coming from unknown sources to help them.
In the sky above the Yinhun Mountains, five flying dragons were circling and flying around a blue-gray cloud. The blue-gray cloud was shaken by the explosions that kept flying, and the edges of the cloud were like torn cotton wool. Threads flew away.
However, in the center of the cloud, a shield with a diameter of five meters blocked the powerful explosion, and large skulls kept flying out of the shield.
These skulls will explode when they fly in the air. Although they are not as loud as the explosions, and the fire cloud ring after the explosions does not have a wide range, but judging from the loud noise caused by the explosion of the skulls, this thing is The power is far greater than that of explosive flames.
Hull and the Elf Magician naturally knew that that thing was called a Skeleton Explosion.
At that time, the Holy See frantically persecuted magicians, causing magic civilization to wither. The original excuse was to crusade against necromancers.
/Therefore, during the period when the power of the Holy See was the strongest, necromancers received more attention than magicians from other magic sects, so much so that necromancers were almost extinct. And when the magic civilization was at its most glorious, those legends could summon thousands of people. Wan’s skeleton army and the undead king who could summon bone dragons to join the battle never appeared again.
Today’s magicians, in addition to using necromantic alchemy to create undead servants to fight, skeleton explosions are their main means of showing off their power.
When he first studied magic, Hull was envious of this kind of necromancy magic. For him, skull explosions were more practical than flame explos