ersuade. This is still open to the public, and no one knows what kind of efforts various countries have made secretly.

But one thing is certain, that is, the situation has suddenly become extremely serious, and it is even more heavily guarded than when the Beru authorities carried out the “Operation Closure” a few months ago.
At this time, small characters like Hull were naturally completely ignored.
/At first, the officers followed the orders from above, monitoring and protecting the big man Hull, but within a few days, new orders came from above. The arsenal was to be activated again, and a new batch of arms was soon to be released. It’s about to arrive.
Because of this new order, the entire barracks suddenly became busy. Not only the officers, but also the fourteen soldiers escorting Hull were temporarily mobilized.
Hull was the only one left in the barracks with nothing to do. As long as he didn’t leave the barracks, no one would care about him.
The plan went exactly as it was originally formulated.
The gangsters who suddenly appeared on the road to Brownton and forced him to stay in this barracks were actually found by Leda’s father, Sharon. Those people were real bandits, but the bandits would never I know why Xia Long asked them to rob.
The reason why they were willing to do it was not only because of money, but more importantly, because Sharon promised to take them abroad.
There are bandits on the road, so he will definitely be stranded in Navardo. Gear has already deployed troops in the mountains.
A week before Hel arrived in Navardo, ten people hid in a mountain col a few kilometers away from here, and spent a week building an altar. In the center of the altar was a rather complicated magic circle. After all, Hel In addition to magic, the mark on your body also has the effect of divine power. Divine magic is not necessarily more powerful than magic, but if you want to use magic to suppress divine magic, you need to spend several times the power, and vice versa.
Of course, both the Immortal King and Hel himself knew very well that if they wanted to suppress this special mark, it would be more effective if they could ask someone from the Holy See for help. However, this was too risky, and the Holy See was not trustworthy, so in the end they decided to rely on the powerful The magical power seals the magical power in that special mark.
In the first few days, Hull did not dare to act rashly because the surveillance was too tight. Now everyone is busy and he finally has a chance.
We had just had lunch at noon that day, because another batch of arms had just arrived via military train. These arms were currently being placed on the platform of Navardo Station, waiting to be sent to the arsenal.
Navardo is a very busy city, and it seems a bit messy because there are too many outsiders. For the officers, the sooner these arms enter the arms warehouse, the more reassuring they are.
It is completely conceivable how busy the entire arsenal became because of this incident. It was not enough that all the ca