han 20%. After cultivating one, in order to make her stronger, we have to spend a high price to invite magicians to give them stronger power. Such bodyguards , can you find it elsewhere?” the agent asked with a smile, his face full of pride.

In fact, even if he didn’t say anything, Hel had already seen that this half-cat girl was definitely not simple.
Her ability attributes are similar to those of a stalker. This profession is good at invisibility, lurking and sneak attacks. It does not have strong attack power. It is exactly the same as Hel’s original choice. However, the cat-like talent allows her to have jumping and balance control beyond ordinary people. ability.
Although her level is only sixth level at most, even if she were to fight against an eighth level divinely gifted warrior, she might not lose.
/“Are there any other high-end goods?” Hull asked.
“Of course, as long as you can afford the price,” the agent said, rubbing his hands and laughing.
Before he could finish speaking, the lion man interjected: “If you want to take risks, it is best not to hire Abdullah’s people. Although his men are very strong, they are all trained in the greenhouse. Huahua, if you want to use them to kill someone in the city, it’s OK, but in the wild, they probably can’t even tell the difference between north and south.”
“You are slandering!” Cairo’s agent said angrily.
“Okay, okay, stop arguing.” Hel quickly stopped him. He didn’t want the two people to fight in front of him: “I need five rhinoceros people and fifteen antelope people, all of whom must be elites. Black Earth , How much time can you use to help me recruit these people?” Hull asked.
/“A week.” Kurotsuchi said.
“That definitely can’t be a tribal orc, maybe not even a tribal species. It takes at least two months to get to their tribe from here. The only people who can be summoned in a week are peripheral members who are out to make money.” The lion man immediately shouted stand up.
“We just completed a deal, and the man who just trapped the head is here. Are you interested in talking to him?” Kurotsuchi immediately replied.
It was obvious that the newly mentioned man was so important that when he heard the name, the lion manager immediately stopped talking.
Seeing that the three people were quiet, Hull continued: “I want at least a hundred hyena men. In addition to Black Earth, there are two groups from each of the other two families. I want to select at least two groups from them, and I want two more.” Ten cat people also want the best. According to the method just now, you give me twenty each first, let me choose, and finally leave her to me.”
He pointed at the half-cat girl who was standing aside with her head lowered: “What’s your name?”
“Nadara, sir.” The half-cat girl replied respectfully.
“Okay, Nadara, from now on, you are responsible for my safety.” Hull said.
After sending all the agents away, Hull retained the dwarf Raz.
People here don’t believe in checks at all, not even banknotes. What they believe most is gold coins, followed by silver