, but scale armor is much cheaper than armor. One armor is equivalent to thirty pairs of scale armor made of the same material.

There are various kinds of scale armor, most of them are made of metal, but they are also made of natural scales. Of course, the armor that can fall into their hands will definitely not be able to use the scales of high-level alien beasts like the ice blue sea dragon. It could only be some ordinary hard scales.
The scales are nailed to the hard skin, and most armor is damaged by this layer of skin, so you only need to replace one skin shell, remove the scales and nail them to the new skin shell.
/But this is what others do, Hull has his own way.
He didn’t cut the leather to make the shell, although that was fast, but it would take a lot of time to drill holes and nail the scales on piece by piece, so he spun them out of tough metal wire mixed with sea linen thread and fish skin. Threads are used to weave a semi-hard and semi-soft shell, and then the scales are directly sewn on.
These scales have all been reforged and enchanted using the same method as the dwarf mound.
After doing it for two or three days, Hull felt that he was becoming more and more proficient. He began to no longer be satisfied with just repairing it. Anyway, as long as the outside looked the same as it was before, it didn’t matter how the inside changed.
/With a softer lining added inside, the armor suddenly became much more comfortable to wear, and with an extra layer of armor, there was an extra layer of places that could be enchanted. If it were in another world, doing this would mean increasing the consumption of magic power, but in this world there is such a good thing as the Yuanli Network, so there is no need to worry about consumption at all.
Different magic arrays will interfere with each other when they overlap. How to put in as many magic arrays as possible and let them enhance each other depends on the strength of the skill master. There is experience here and there are some ready-made combinations.
But in the final analysis, it depends on the material. No matter how skilled a tailor is, it is impossible to make an imperial robe out of linen.
What Hull hopes to study at this moment is materials, especially those inconspicuous materials in Surunaba’s collection room.
I made a list casually, and it was all the things I had seen in Surunaba’s collection room.
After half a day, everything arrived.
The Immortal King raised a ball of fire and turned the note in his hand into ashes. This was information he had just bought from the mercenary union, and the content was about the ongoing war in the Gesha Empire.
It’s not expensive to buy this information. There are no newspapers in this world. If you want to know what’s going on outside, you have to buy it here.
The mercenary union also understands that if the price they set is too high, the business will not be able to continue, so this kind of information only costs a few silver coins.
The information related to the Gesha Empire was very detailed. After r