t away the dust in the sky. He looked at Hu San with a surprised look on his face: “Brother, how did you know that I am in the integration stage? The news has spread to Wu Zhouwai.”

There was silence in the audience. Although there was something wrong, it did not prevent Lu Bei, who was in the integration stage, from the highest realm in the audience. Except for Hu San, who looked like a dead mother, everyone else paid their attention to Lu Bei.
The seven or eight members of the Xuanyin Division headed by Wang Hu experienced roller coaster rides, and they were all overjoyed to see that they had a master who could determine the outcome in one fell swoop.
Sadness was on the other side, and the people in black remained silent. Chi Kuangtian put away his arrogance and said he had misunderstood while retreating.
Fa Jin also had a pleasant face. While talking about eating fast and chanting Buddha’s name, he turned around and left. He was so mature that it made people feel heartbroken.
“Hmph, come when you want and leave when you want. Don’t you know that my men never leave anyone alive?”
Lu Bei sneered. Under the moonlight, a golden light flashed in his eyes, and he stepped in front of Fa Jin: “Bald head, you are so arrogant, you must be good at fighting!”
“Amitabha, a monk is compassionate”
Uh-huh! ! !
The golden light came from all directions, and Dharma was well prepared. A large golden bell lit up all over his body. His thin body swelled, stretching out the light yellow monk’s robe, his muscles were pricked, and the hairy veins were bulging high on his bald head.
A faint golden light bloomed, and the rich blood flowed like a river.
There was a muffled sound, and the golden bell shattered. Fa Jin lowered his head and coughed up blood, looking at the dented fist mark on Jin’s body.
The next second, he looked up at the sky. His tall body suddenly fell down. His body was broken by a punch and his soul was shattered.
At this time, Chi Kuangtian and a group of men in black had already left. They lived up to the time that Fa Jin risked his life to buy for them. In just a few breaths, they drove the magic weapon to a hundred miles away.
The golden light escaped, and the white light in the distance was dazzling, and the explosive brilliance illuminated most of the night sky.
“Sage Crimson Flame and Divine Monk Zhenbei, these are all weird names. The aesthetics of the small country in the north are too inferior. Especially the Divine Monk Zhenbei, it is clear that he has a problem with me.”
Lu Bei grunted and returned, landing next to Hu San. Around him, the people in the Xuanyin Division did not dare to take a breath. One punch brought him to the Great Perfection of the Void Refining Realm. To them, Lu Bei was a god.
Hu San was still immersed in grief, and it was even more uncomfortable to learn that Lu Bei broke through the integration stage than when he fell to the foundation level.
/You said that he had a bad choice at the beginning and had to find Lu Bei as his right-hand man. Now it’s better. Tw