powerful powers. The only thing that can be used to save one’s life is these deadly hands.

It took half an hour for Hel to soak up the venom in his hands. At this moment, his hands felt numb. This was the price that had to be paid for practicing such evil martial arts.
After drinking enough, Hull walked into the post office. Because of the chaos outside, no one came to the post office at all, and the place seemed deserted.
The upstairs seemed even more deserted, and no one seemed to be at work. Perhaps the building was in disrepair, and the stairs and floors made a creaking sound when their feet stepped on them.
He quickly found it, it was a utility room-like place.
/The door of the room is open, and everything inside is clear at a glance, as if there are no secrets. However, the more such a place is, the less likely it is to attract attention.
In this small room with an unobstructed view, there was only one person sitting with his back to the door.
This person seemed not to know that there was anyone standing outside the door, but Hull knew very well that that was impossible, because the noise from the floor seemed particularly clear in such a silent building; another reason was that he He recognized the person with his back turned.
“This stair-board is really terrible. You heard it when I came up, didn’t you?” Hull said as he walked into the room.
“You’re finally here.” The man with his back turned around and saw that he had a full beard and disheveled hair.
“You are quite courageous to hide so close to your original home.” Hel sighed and said.
“There is no way, I only have these two hiding places in Miscon.” Dean said, of course Hull would never believe this.
A cunning rabbit has three burrows. It would be unbelievable that people like them don’t have five or six hiding spots!
“How did you do it? This is a pretty good place. It’s a very safe place, as long as the people here don’t betray you.”
/Hull walked to the window and took a look outside, and found that the place was backed by the street, with a tent house behind it. There happened to be a ladder not far away, which was absolutely suitable for escaping in an emergency.
“Betrayal? No one will betray me. Because I am the person in charge here. This is the position I spent a lot of money to get when I first arrived at Miscon. I come here to work for one or two hours every day. , the employees here may not like me, but they all recognize me.
“As for the recent period, because it is a special period, I gave all employees a long vacation, and I am the only one on duty here.” Dean explained.
“You are very scheming.” Hel couldn’t help but sigh.
“There is no other way. Everyone is trying to survive, aren’t you the same?” Dean seemed quite humble this time.
“What happened to the others? Don’t tell me that you have no contact with the others.” Hull asked bluntly.
“Don’t you have a way to contact each of us?” Dean obviously didn’t intend to beat around the bush this time, he said casually.
“That’s just in case. To be honest, I don’t have time to cont