giant dragons then eat dirt, and the way of communication between these giant dragons does not seem to be all through roaring. At least Li Lian suspected that the green dragon under his feet kept sending messages to these giant dragons next to him.

Therefore, after a long and frustrating battle, Li Lian did not gain as much as he imagined, even with the Absolute Immortal Sword. If he can’t hit it, what’s the use of it, no matter how powerful it is? Perhaps after this decisive battle, he will consider how to deal with the large-scale melee in front of him with combat skills, but it is not possible now. At least he must get through the immediate crisis first.
The combat power of these giant dragons is really terrifying. They fly in mid-air much faster than those flying mounts. Although they are slightly less flexible, they have scales like alloy steel all over their bodies, and Every giant dragon possesses a dragon spirit that is similar to fighting spirit. Ordinary bullets cannot penetrate their outer armor at all. Even machine guns, heavy machine guns, and even surface-to-air missiles, as long as they do not hit the vital point at once, will not be able to penetrate them. It’s not a fatal injury, their recovery ability is really terrifying.
/Coupled with the terrifying power of the giant dragon, it can tear the entire tank apart with a single claw grab, and spit out the dragon flames from its mouth, which is enough to burn and melt everything within a radius of twenty meters. Such a powerful combat power, It actually all comes out of the flesh. It can be said that the dragon is born to be a fighting weapon and a killing machine!
It was under such a situation where the dragon was raging that the awakened Xue Na used the Mountain and River Sheji Map to take action. However, it was a pity that she directly aimed at the place with the largest number of dragons, and Li Lian happened to be there, so the mountain and river The map of the country turned into a galaxy, and Li Lian happened to be among them. He didn’t even react, and was suddenly involved. He only felt a flash in front of his eyes. When he looked carefully, he In front of them is a stretch of beautiful mountains and rivers. The scenery of mountains and rivers is as if they are in the sky of a tourist area. There is no longer any scene of the tragic battlefield just now.
/I have to say that the Mountains and Rivers Sheji Diagram is indeed the most top-notch creation that is rare even in the orthodox Three-Eyed Clan period. It must be made after you are familiar with materials, techniques, technology, space, time, sealing methods, etc. It may be the top creation created by a great scientist, and to use this map of mountains and rivers, one must have a certain foundation of telekinesis. For example, it is possible to use the telekinesis of a neighboring great science like Xue Na. From this, it is also possible to use it. You can see how powerful the Mountains and Rivers Sheji Diagram is. Its power and use effect far exceed the Hetu Luoshu owned by Xue Na, as w