guy’s magical power is really weird. He was swallowed by Kunpeng, trapped in the stars and unable to extricate himself, and he can still affect the outside world.

For example, Xing Li was chased and trampled by the possessed Jing Xinwu. He was trampled for seven days and he still hasn’t escaped.
Seeing him crying with joy, Lu Bei was so happy that he couldn’t stop crying. He wanted to be a man of beauty, so he turned a blind eye and pretended not to hear the pretended cry for help.
During these seven days of hard work, Lu Bei was not idle either. He asked Qinglong to act as the pot lid, sit on the Xuanwu Cauldron to suppress the four wastes, and replace the Demonic Heart Corpse.
The Demonic Heart Corpse has another mission.
The secret realm is divided by fog, and there are dozens of areas, large and small. The demons who come to hunt for treasures are more or less crazy because of the magical powers of the three corpses.
Lu Bei was kind-hearted and could not see the demons killing each other. He was even more afraid that they would destroy the gifts of nature, so he sent the Demon Heart Corpse to kill them before they committed suicide.
By the way, pick up the gifts of nature.
The demons had no sanity and relied entirely on instinct to fight. Their strength had declined severely. The Demonic Heart Corpse carried twelve relics, and it was enough to transform into hell. Lu Bei asked Tu Yuan to follow him just in case.
In the personal panel, regardless of fractions, the inventory qualifications reached an astonishing 111 billion.
Right here, there are three zombies, Xinzun Huohuoliao, lining up!
Lu Bei opened his mouth and vomited the Three Corpses Heart Master into the Xuanwu Cauldron, waved his hand to cover the Qinglong pot lid, and happily showed off his molars to the latter.
In the past few days, he had been having fun from time to time, without any warning every time. Qinglong was used to it. From the first fear that the retardation would be contagious, to later the retardation that the retardation had not gotten sick today, it was a little led astray.
/It’s normal, not to mention Qinglong, Yinglong is also crooked.
It has been another seven days, and the demonic thoughts in the secret realm are disappearing day by day. The injuries are as good as Jing Xinwu, and he can suppress the demonic thoughts in his heart instead of chasing Lu Xi.
/The three corpses were struggling hard in the Xuanwu Cauldron. From the beginning, they begged for mercy and were willing to worship Lu Bei as the leader. Now they have put down their dignity and are willing to swear by their real names and worship Lu Bei as their master.
The demon outside the territory has an immortal body, and the three corpses are convinced of this. At least, she feels that she will not be refined to death by the Xuanwu Cauldron. But she couldn’t sense the existence of the Heavenly Demon Realm, so she didn’t know whether she could return to the Heavenly Demon Palace and be resurrected after her death in the human world.
No matter