hem to others. If I were an ordinary person, I would definitely be afraid of a superhuman existence. In that case, I would not have any protection for my life, so please speak with your conscience, I After establishing the human city, can you interfere in any political matters? Who can you bully? I’m afraid it’s hundreds of times better than when many of you were officials, right?”

“I won’t say any more. Now I just want to say one thing! Blood debts need to be repaid with blood! Are the number of us humans killed by those alien races less? What kind of life did you live some time ago? Don’t tell me what you all gave Forgot! Have you all forgotten how those elves treated us humans? Since you have been pestering me, I will use the power of the city lord today! You go tell those elves immediately that I will give They leave in an hour. After an hour, anyone who is still here will be regarded as a provocation. I will make it impossible for them to even think about death! Don’t worry about envoys who are not envoys. If you have the guts, let them send them. The strong man comes and kills me, otherwise we will meet in a race war!”
Zhang Heng looked at the councilors surrounding him, and he couldn’t stop sneering in his heart. In fact, he also knew the psychology of these people. Indeed, some people hoped to get assistance from the elves so that the supplies of the entire human city would not be exhausted. So nervous, after all, the entire human city now has a population of more than 20,000, and this is just a small town. The materials excavated in it are enough for more than 20,000 people, but the reserves are not so reassuring.
/On the other hand, there are some members who have some selfish motives. Now their lives are much more stable than before, and they no longer have the dilemma of being inferior to pigs and dogs. Moreover, because of their previous political experience or corporate executive experience, By allowing them to become members of the parliament, both in terms of welfare and safety, they are much better than ordinary human city people. At present, they have not thought that far about the so-called food, clothing and lust, but safety is what they currently have. What I hope most is that it would be more cost-effective to just put the weight on Zhang Heng alone. It would be more cost-effective to reduce the number of external enemies.
So when Zhang Heng yelled these words, many of these councilors changed their expressions on the spot, but Zhang Heng ignored them at all, just looked at them with a sneer and said: “Don’t treat me as a fool, I don’t care about anything. , does not mean that I am sensible, and don’t talk to me about any big ideas. If I am afraid of death, I just need to hide in the mountains and kill foreign tribes when I encounter them. Food, slaves, women, what else do I lack? The reason why I stay here and fight those alien races is because it’s not my people? I’m not afraid of death, so can’t you die with me?”
“I’ll leave my words here. The human city council will be reorganized