kill them.”

“Stand up!”
The orders were heard one after another, and sword lights shot into the sky. Dozens of small formations were recast under the immortal sword formation. The portals were opened with heavy storm clouds and mist, and their breaths were connected. Curtains of sword energy dropped from high in the sky, and battle flags fell. Like fluttering in the wind.
Chong Yuxiao became angry and decided not to act. He made a statement, and the Qinggan forces in the Tianjian Sect responded one after another.
The disciples and disciples who finally abandoned the Immortal Sword Intent either hesitated or took half a step back and did not participate in the sword formation.
Soon, they discovered that not actively participating did not mean that they could not participate passively.
“Senior Brother Zhao, it’s me!”
“Brother Wang, you and I are sworn brothers. We burned the yellow paper and became brothers. We promised to share wealth and honor and live and die on the same day. How can you draw your sword against me?”
/“Junior sister, did you stab me?”
Screams of exclamation arose one after another, and the terrifying Xinghe Bailian could be seen everywhere above the Burao Mountain. The sword wind was filled with catharsis, slapping wildly in all directions. Some of the nearby peaks collapsed under the impact of the sudden explosion.
The secret realm of Jianchi extends, the space overlaps the Eternal Mountain, and the hazy green light seems illusory, but in fact every inch of the land is real.
Its effect is not to trap Lu Bei and Qin Fangtian so that they can close the door and beat the dog, but to get rid of the constraints of the realm and allow Chong Yuxiao and Yan Jun to do whatever they want during the tribulation period without having to worry about using too much force to attract thunder.
Similarly, Tianjian Peak is also in the secret realm at this moment, and the hazy green light cannot enter it. It senses the immortal sword intention on Lu Bei’s body, and the roar is louder than before.
Clang! !
The sound of sword sounds suddenly sounded. Jing Ji and Juan Fei took the lead to take action. Zhan Lexian and Mu Lichen held their swords to attack. The four of them rushed into the void and disappeared in an instant.
“Let me go.”
Lu Bei screamed and rushed forward. As soon as he started, Qin Fangtian suppressed him and dragged him back to his original position.
“Sect Master, what does the competition between the elders have to do with you?”
“Then shall I leave?”
Qin Fang’s face was so angry that he stretched out his hand tremblingly. He didn’t say much due to his identity, and pointed at Chong Yuxiao and Yan Jun: “The sect master has the immortal sword intention, and these two people can only bow their heads. Your opponent should It’s them.”
Old man, this sect master sees that you are loyal and loyal, why do you just let me die when you come up?
Say, are you an undercover agent?
Lu Bei’s eyes widened. He was a young monk who had just stepped into the Void Refining Realm. He couldn’t carr