r and a diving entrance. La Couleur has a particularly large diving entrance because it is close to the water.

There are quite a few people diving in and out here.
Next to the entrance was a sign with a map of the entire city.
The Immortal King and Hel could imprint the entire map into their minds just by looking at it.
“The hotel, tavern and restaurant here are together.” Hull whispered: “You can also find out things there.”
“No need, I see a place that can solve all problems.”
The Immortal King stared at the map closely: “Before Charles the Conqueror unified the continent, because of the long years of war, many people regarded fighting as a profession. During the war, they were employed by the warring parties. There was no war. At that time, they were engaged in bodyguard and guard jobs. These people were called mercenaries.
“There is a place set up for mercenaries to find jobs, called the Mercenary Union. The most famous generals under Charles the Conqueror were originally mercenaries. Later, with the rise of the Holy See, mercenaries were considered to be a source of turmoil. factors were suppressed. By the time of Pope Gregory, mercenaries had completely disappeared.”
“Is there a mercenary union here?” Hull asked.
“People in this world seem to still maintain the concepts of the era of Charles the Conqueror.” The Immortal King said, with an indescribable feeling of confusion in his expression.
“Hiring others to do work costs money,” Hull reminded.
“A person who knows how to collect clues can know a lot of things just by looking at the mercenary union’s task list.” The Immortal King said: “I need to know the strength of the masters in this world, I need to know how to make money the fastest, and I need to know To know if the things we planned can be done.”
/The hall of more than 300 square meters was crowded with all kinds of people, and the door along the street was completely open. Even so, it was still very crowded coming in and out.
There is a long table at the end. Behind the long table, there is a guy who looks like a waiter standing every meter. However, the waiters here do not have beautiful faces and elegant postures. They are all tall and thick, with fierce eyes.
There is absolutely no such place in Crystal Light. Even the relatively free Republic of Mamo is not very welcoming to mercenaries who like to cause trouble.
It’s not that Hull has never heard of mercenaries. The Black Continent is all mercenaries. However, after walking around in the hall, Hull can feel the difference between the two. Because the mercenaries of the Black Continent have low human lives, He has been reduced to the status of a slave and a thug, and he is also cannon fodder on the battlefield.
The mercenaries here are far from comparable to those in the Black Continent. The mercenaries here are unruly. If they disagree, they will pull each other out and fight outside. Some even went straight to the street corner, where there was a dueling ground.
This is a lawless place.
The two of them didn’t intend to cause any