ily, his aura of tolerance that had already manifested a trace also burned. As the two of them Burning at the same time, his body began to grow larger and larger, and a silver lightning current surged out of his body, gradually condensing and taking shape under his body, and an extremely handsome eight-legged giant horse appeared in front of him. Under him, riding on his thunderous body that was at least ten meters tall at the moment, the eight-legged giant horse raised its head and howled, taking Pei Jiao into the air with its eight legs.

The giant horse and Pegasus soared into the sky, a rainbow color, a silvery white color, all turning into light and flying forward. The speed was extremely fast. In just a few seconds, they had already covered a distance of several thousand meters, and they crashed into the ground. The first thing to bear the brunt of the small mushroom cloud is the layer of space distortion surrounding the body of the combined ghost.
First, there was extremely high temperature, which was a bit more intense than burning directly with flames. Then the body became heavier and heavier. Even the flying speed of Pegasus and Giant Horse was reduced several times, and they seemed to be gradually moving toward the ground. After landing, the most uncomfortable thing for the two of them was the illusory space distortion. It felt like they had flown hundreds of meters or even more than a thousand meters, but based on the induction of the aura field, they could know that the two of them could not advance more than a few dozen meters. Sometimes it only feels like we have advanced tens of meters, but suddenly we are hundreds of meters closer to the core of the battlefield. This sudden and sudden feeling of slowness and speed is really uncomfortable.
However, the strength of the two is extraordinary after all. In addition to being in the “liberated” state, the aura fields of the two have the function of increasing defense. After they release the aura field, although they are still not used to the high temperature, gravity, and space Distorting these three negative effects, the damage caused by these three effects to them can be said to be reduced to a minimum. In this way, the two of them finally rushed into the core of the battlefield with the induction of the aura field.
The body of the combined ghost is about seventy or eighty meters, but its movements are extremely flexible. After kicking Gong Yeyu away, it raised a single hand. A large group of dark aura was produced in this hand, shrinking the condensed space. However, in the blink of an eye, this large group of dark aura had condensed into a size of several meters. The next second, the combined ghost had thrown the condensed dark aura out, and the direction of the throw was exactly where Gong Yeyu was kicked away.
/When the dark aura appeared and condensed into a ball, Pei Jiao and Valkyrie immediately felt the extremely terrifying suction force. Not only the two of them, but also the surrounding smoke and dust fragments blown away by the shock wave we