ame larger and larger. The bigger it got, when all the ice crystals were condensed in one place, a huge ice cube with a height of tens of thousands of meters floated above her palm.

Just as the metal giant rushed up, the huge ice rock also rushed up at the same time. At this time, the metal giant no longer dared to show any contempt. It raised its fist and slammed into the ice rock. And there On the fist, the space fluctuated, and there was actually a shock similar to Li Lian’s, but this was not a pure shock, but a scene caused by ripples in the space.
“Oh? It’s interesting. It’s actually a spiritual light with spatial attributes. But are you injured? Even the intensity of the spiritual light is only a little bit like this.”
The long-haired beauty was a little surprised, but she didn’t stop at all. She controlled the ice rock and directly hit the rippling space fluctuations. She heard a crisp snapping sound, and the ice rock was in constant contact with the space fluctuations. It stopped breaking apart, but these broken ice cubes did not disappear and melt like the previous ice cubes, but turned into cold air. Even the ripples on the cenosphere began to freeze. Yes, it seemed that even the space was frozen. Just freeze them together!
Before the metal giant could completely smash the ice rock in front of it, its fist and the space in front of the fist were sealed with ice, then its arms, and then its body. After a few seconds, the metal giant seemed to It turned into an ice sculpture, and the whole body was frozen in this huge ice rock.
But after all, the metal giant is not comparable to Yang Xuguang and others. Just tens of seconds after it was frozen, the entire huge ice rock began to ripple. A ripple effect appeared in the tens of thousands of meters of space, and then the entire huge ice rock began to ripple. The rock bursts into pieces.
“Are you a cultivator? No, not completely, but this power is definitely not just the light of the soul or combat skills. It is rune technology. By the way, this is the ruins of the Three-Eyed Clan. The energy just transmitted to the Human Emperor , and the layout here. Are you from the Three-Eyed Tribe? Are you a great scientist!?”
The metal giant was shocked and angry. As the oldest existence of the giant clan in this world, or even in the prehistoric world, he is also a very ancient existence. Needless to say, he boasts qualifications and is also known as the strongest among the giant clan. The strongest one, the most powerful period, has the strength of a high-level saint, and has the space-empowered spiritual light of the four elements. Although it is not the real spatial spiritual light, its power can be said to be among the top among saints. The existence of fifty.
/Kua’s insight is unusual. He has already realized that this dimension may have incomparable opportunities. It is a place of opportunity where he can become an emperor-level saint or even an inner-universe-level saint. Therefore, he is one of the many saints who have broken through this aspect. One, only he