ng masters is also rare.

Among the grandmasters who have been able to settle down, people like the little old man are the most numerous. They are all top-level grandmasters and are about to break through and become great grandmasters.
But it is not that easy to break through. No one knows better than Hull how the little old man broke through. Afterwards, the little old man once said that one of the reasons why he was able to break through was that there was someone around him who had already broken through and became a grand master. Vamon is here.
Grandmaster is a state. Once you reach this state, your vision and understanding will be different from others. Although Wamen knew nothing about other skills except disassembly, Robert still benefited a lot from his casual advice. Another reason is because of Hull’s existence.
For skill masters, Hull is undoubtedly a monster. It only took a short time to reach the state that many skill masters spend their entire lives. Maybe Wa Meng doesn’t care about it, but the little old man cares about it very much. It was this pressure that allowed him to break through.
After reading through all these materials, Hull became even more suspicious of the dwarf Owen.
/Seeing Hel’s hair standing on end, the dwarf finally couldn’t help but surrender. He looked around and said: “As far as I know, the Grand Master can completely control a certain range of space. As long as the Grand Master does not I hope others can hear or see what’s going on inside, and no one can pry.”
/Hull already understood what the dwarf Owen wanted, and he didn’t want to hide anything.
Hull’s field is very special and does not have a specific scope, but this does not trouble him.
With a casual pat on the dwarf’s body, the short, fat man less than five feet tall suddenly turned into a huge ball full of tentacles and eyes.
Owen was startled by this sudden slap. What frightened him even more was that his body completely lost control and turned into the evil-eyed tyrant.
The evil-eyed tyrant has a special ability to communicate mentally. No one can spy on what the two evil-eyed tyrants are talking about.
“It’s okay this way, no one can disturb us.” Hel lay down half on his bed.
“It’s amazing. You can actually control other people’s abilities. You can definitely easily break the world’s perception that our technicians have no resistance.” The dwarf who became the evil-eyed tyrant flattered.
Hel did not feel comfortable with such flattery, because this method of using the field was not something he thought of at all, but was used in the fight when the Golden Demon controlled him, and he learned it.
This is definitely depressing. I am not as smart as a spider.
What’s more, he can prove that he is not a great master without the ability to resist. He is not the only one. Wa Meng does a better job than him. The old man has reached the level of comprehending the laws. In his domain, whoever he wants to die cannot escape.
“Now you can tell me your plan.” Hull said, staring at the dwarf Owen floating in the air li