blades. No amount of protective shield can withstand magic.

As soon as they dispersed, one of them noticed something breaking into the alarm barrier. Before he could react, the thing was already in front of him.
There was no time to react, let alone call the police to the companions. As a howling wind passed by, the tips of the wings of the flying monsters were cut off. The flying monsters used by these aerial riders were all spherical-crested pterosaurs, which belonged to the Beru Empire. Standard configuration, this kind of pterosaur has rough skin and thick flesh. Although it has no advantage in flight speed and distance, it is quite advantageous in combat.
However, a pterosaur is a pterosaur after all. No matter how thick the skin is, the wings are always weak. The entire wing and the skin bone were cut off at once, and the balance was completely broken. The pterosaur tilted suddenly.
At this time, more things flew into the alarm barrier, and their speeds were all as fast as arrows fired from crossbows. They did not attack the pterosaur’s body, but only attacked its wings and tail.
/“Be careful, the one attacking us seems to be a kind of snake.”
“Is there a snake with six wings?”
“They’re not very powerful.”
“The air shield is ineffective against them. By the way, they attack with wind knives. They must be wind-attribute monsters with force field shields.”
“Stretch covers work.”
“Open the elastic cover to the maximum, protect the mounts as much as possible, and retreat as a group.”
“Retreat? We are retreating like this without any performance.”
Following an order, these belated aerial riders turned around and headed north. In order to increase their speed and leave the battlefield as quickly as possible, these aerial riders used the usual technique, which is to make the flying monsters quickly Diving to increase speed, the same scene was happening elsewhere, but no one would have thought that it was this that cost them their lives.
/Just when they thought it was safe to leave the battlefield, more Six-Winged Arrow Spinosaurus surrounded them from all directions.
I’m afraid no one would have thought that there were two groups of Six-Winged Arrow Spinosaurus, one of which was hung with thunder. It was precisely because of these additional burdens that they arrived a step later than the other Six-Winged Arrow Spinosaurus, which also made the originally They are not good at flying high and can only fly at a height of about two thousand meters.
But now the sky knights themselves are knocking on the door.
Continuous explosions resounded in the sky, and the violent explosions tore open the defensive shield. Although the ball-crested pterosaur’s defense was extremely high, it still could not withstand such a crazy attack.
Flesh and blood fell one after another, and it was impossible to tell which ones belonged to the Six-Winged Arrow Spinosaurus and which ones belonged to the Sky Knights. The battle only lasted for two or three minutes, and ended with the complete annihilation of the Sky Knights.