e distance.

Hel was thinking about how to respond when suddenly the woman pulled his hand down with the hand that had been covering his mouth just now. Before Hel could react, a seductive red lip had already sealed his mouth. He got up, but immediately a smooth tongue gently pried his mouth open again.
Hull was completely confused, but he knew at least one thing. Now was definitely not the time to refuse.
The gun was put back into the bag and the package was stuffed back into its original place. What made Hel feel embarrassed was that a sweet and charming whimper sounded in his ears, but he did nothing.
However, the wonderful nasal sound that makes people think about it is indeed very useful. The footsteps that seemed to be hurried just now have stopped. After a while, those footsteps gradually fade away.
After making sure that everyone had retreated, Hel left those two sweet lips.
“What? Don’t you like it?” the young woman asked softly.
Her voice seemed particularly sweet and full of ambiguity.
“Very comfortable, but why are you doing this?”
Hull’s hands did not leave the tight waist. There were not many opportunities to take advantage of him.
“I was among the people marching just now, do you still need me to continue to explain?” the young woman asked with a smile, her face moving closer to Hel again.
“Did your performance just now go too far? What if those people come over regardless?” Hull continued to ask.
“If that’s the case, I don’t care about your face.” The young woman blew gently into Hel’s ear and said with a smile, and then she took the one hidden by Hel. pack.
“There are police officers everywhere on the street. If you carry such a conspicuous thing, you will definitely not be able to walk very far before you will be stopped. It is better to let me keep it for you. When you need it, come and get it from me.” said the young woman.
/“Can I see this as blackmail?” Hull asked with a grimace.
The woman did not answer, but took out the key and opened the back door in the dark alley, and then asked, “Do you want to come in?”
Looking at that pretty face, Hel’s heart wavered. This was definitely a temptation that was hard to refuse.
An inconspicuous three-story apartment located in a small alley behind the busiest commercial street in Miscon.
An alley that could only accommodate one carriage led directly to the door of this apartment building.
This alley exists only for this apartment. The entrance to the alley is very hidden and has no markings.
This apartment is surrounded by quite famous shops, and it can be said that it is completely wrapped in the shops and the warehouse behind the shops.
Not many people know that this apartment will be the secret police headquarters of Brownton, secretly controlling the secret police department with a total number of nearly 2,000 people spread throughout Brownton.
Most of the time, there are only about ten people in this apartment. Only when there are meetings, everyone will be present.
The total number of secret police officers in Miscon is nearly 400