m, ignoring the Principality of Moxi, which is even worse financially.

Unexpectedly, they risked death and survived, and actually made a dead game alive.
It is said that at the negotiation site, the Mossi people directly presented two options: either they would pay normally according to the agreed date; or they would immediately declare a debt default.
Without our people to cause trouble, the creditors did not want to receive a single gold coin, so they were forced to accept normal payment.
After the messy deductions, they only accepted 20% off the face value as payment, and they had to apply one month in advance and get approval before they could get the payment.
Many creditors are shaken, thinking that the Principality of Moxi can survive the debt crisis, and the Kingdom of Alpha, which is in better financial condition, will definitely be fine.
Our people have all applied, but this alone is not enough.
In order to create panic a few days ago, we have sold a lot of bonds, and currently we hold less than 100,000 war bonds.
It is estimated that the situation in other departments is similar. The total war bonds in everyone’s hands may not be able to collect a face value of one million.
If we want to destroy the finances of the Alpha Kingdom, we must collect more bonds from the market and run on them, consuming their cash flow.
However, after the Principality of Moxi survived the debt crisis, the price of Alpha Kingdom’s war bonds also began to recover, rising from 50% off the previous lowest price in the market to 82% off the current face price.
The high-interest bonds issued in the early stage have been equal to the face value, or even exceeded. ”
Blake didn’t want to stand out, but Pius VII just called his name and he couldn’t help but refuse.
The previous bond sales were all from highs and gradually fell down, but they did not lose much.
If you buy it from the market now and then pay it to the Alpha Kingdom, you will definitely lose money.
It seems like they won’t lose a few points, but once they enter the market to purchase on a large scale, the circulation price will definitely be driven up.
“Idiot! Now that you know how to do it, why are you still dazed? Send someone to implement it quickly!
At the worst possible cost, one or two million gold coins will be lost, but as long as it can destroy the credibility of the Alpha Kingdom, it will all be worth it.
/Now I don’t care what means you use, you must purchase their war bonds as quickly as possible, and then take them to them to redeem them immediately. ”
Pius VII cursed angrily.
Political accounts are never purely economic interests. Sometimes a lose-lose style of play must be persisted.
Losing one million gold coins to himself and consuming the Alpha Kingdom’s cash flow of ten million gold coins was definitely a strategic success.
There is no way. After taking over the Kingdom of Ruthenia, the Holy See will have to face the strategic choice of going south or going north.
Of course, they can also choose to enter the central continent. It’s ju