te, and the trade volume of land transportation has shrunk sharply.

As the Beamon clan bordering the Xueyue Territory, they naturally became the biggest victims. Originally, you could make a lot of money just by collecting tolls, but now you can only stare at the scattered caravans in a daze.
As a good neighbor, it stands to reason that there should be trade convenience. Even if you purchase the materials yourself and resell them back, you can still make a lot of money.
It’s a pity that the Behemoth family is suffering just because they are neighbors. Smugglers have no bottom line and are only interested in profit, but they are definitely not fools.
A little inquiry will reveal Mr. Hudson’s policy towards the orcs. Due to the need for distant friendship and close attack, the Beamon clan has never been the target of support.
Things that ordinary smugglers know, the Kingdom Intelligence Organization knows even better. So much so that the friends who challenged the four royal families were able to buy weapons at high prices, but the Behemoth clan didn’t get any.
“What’s going on? Didn’t I ask you to contact the human caravan?
Could it be that Behemoth is taking advantage of it and forcing the smugglers to stop doing business! ”
Butzweig demanded sharply.
The decline of overland trade is also directly related to the policies previously implemented by the Behemoth clan.
Behemoths, whose thinking is stuck in the previous era, take it for granted that as long as they occupy the traffic arteries, they can make a lot of money.
After migrating here, the Beamon clan directly levied a 50% in-kind tax on the caravans. Later, they were protested by other races in the Orc Empire and were forced to reduce it to 20%.
On this basis, Beamon, who is responsible for the execution, often asks for a benefit fee.
As a smuggler, what you do is to do business with your head hanging on your waist. They didn’t want to pay Master Hudson’s taxes, let alone pay Beamon’s taxes.
High taxes and unsafe routes directly promote the booming maritime smuggling trade.
After the number of passing caravans decreased, the income of the Behemoth clan also decreased sharply at a speed visible to the naked eye.
/As a last resort, Butzweig could only clean up the interior and prohibit Beamon from exploiting business travelers in private.
/“Clan leader, the situation is different this time. We have contacted many heads of clan caravans, but none of them engage in weapons trading.
It is said that the Alpha Kingdom has strengthened its control over weapons and will conduct inspections every time they leave the customs. Smuggling in small quantities is okay, but large quantities cannot be shipped out at all.
Even though we promised huge profits, these guys still refused to take action. It’s like it’s killing them! ”
Elias complained helplessly.
In a race where all the people are soldiers, it is really difficult to select a few management talents.
Elias is the tall man who was pulled out from the short man. He is responsible for managing the intern