ith a smile.

Hudson only asked that the prisoners not be killed, but did not say what to do with the prisoners of war. The troops on the front line have to continue fighting and have no time to look at the prisoners of war. The follow-up work is still taken over by the two governments.
“Your Majesty, the garrison of Fort Augustus has suffered heavy losses, hatred has just been forged, and this is the time when the anger is at its highest.
If the Mossi want to accept prisoners of war, they must ensure that they cannot be detained by the garrison of Augustburg and the Warhammer rout.
Marshal Hudson did not bring it up, probably because he was concerned about the feelings of the frontline officers and soldiers. After all, they might need their cooperation in the subsequent battle.
You can test the thoughts of the Mossi people. If they have no special requirements, then the two countries will jointly send troops to guard them.
For safety reasons, the kingdom should immediately prepare a batch of anti-magic potion and give it to the prisoners of war. ”
The Grand Duke of Newfoundland suggested.
“Prime Minister, other issues are easy to answer. But the magic-forbidden potion cannot be produced by the Kingdom family. The war has just begun and there are 50,000 prisoners. It is not known how many people will be captured in the future.
Even if the number of cultivators among them is only one-tenth, the amount of anti-magic potion required is still a very huge number.
The anti-magic potions on the market, even the most rubbish ones, start at thirty gold coins. For such a large quantity, even if the kingdom organizes production, the cost will probably not be less than ten gold coins.
The price of high-quality anti-magic potions for powerful people is even higher.
What’s more, in addition to cultivators, we also have to give them medicine to reduce physical strength for some races with special talents, otherwise it will be too difficult to monitor them.
The kingdom’s fiscal revenue is limited, and it may be unbearable to add huge expenditures all at once. ”
Marquis Delgado immediately objected.
Allies also have to settle accounts clearly. It’s enough to help fight the war. If they help to pay for it, there will be no fun.
However, the proposal of the Finance Minister was not recognized by everyone. It is true that the kingdom is financially strapped. How can the Principality of Moxi be rich during the war?
What’s more, most of their magicians have been recruited to the battlefield, and the rest are also engaged in the production of military supplies.
/There are already many difficulties, and if we ask them to produce anti-magic potions, they won’t be able to do it!
In the eyes of everyone, it was a miracle that the Moxi Principality, which was heavily in debt, did not go bankrupt.
If the Principality of Moxi cannot hold on and becomes financially bankrupt during the war, and the Alpha Kingdom has to take over the mess left behind, then it is truly asking for trouble.
“Marquis Delgado, the Ministry of Foreign A