aristocratic lady who can only look at but not touch her.

Unlike a singer like Isabel, even if she gets married into a house, it’s just a romantic affair.
If a lady of the same status or a higher aristocracy is infected, his fiancée will not be able to explain it.
Maybe the marriage won’t work out, and instead it will turn into a feud. After all, to the nobles, singing songs were just for fun.
Her father-in-law has raised a lot of people, so Melissa’s mental endurance must have been tempered by her father’s actions.
No matter how much she is pampered, a singer is always just a singer and cannot threaten the mistress’s status.
But it’s different if it’s a noble lady. If this kind of extramarital affair continues, it can easily turn into a mistress taking over.
Although divorce is not popular in Aslant, there are still widows!
No one can tolerate this kind of existence that may threaten their status. Especially before the wedding, there is no possibility of tolerance.
“That’s such a pity! If this news spreads, I’m afraid many noble ladies will secretly feel sad.
Look over there, are there several noble ladies staring at you? ”
Prime Minister Herceg joked.
Hudson’s appearance can only be considered average, and he is not the type that is popular with people. However, he has already become famous and exudes the charm of a strong man.
Mu Qiang is a woman’s natural instinct.
The status of Crown Prince Caesar is too high for everyone to reach. Growth stocks like Hudson are also the favorite of noble ladies.
/“Yeah, that’s really a pity.
But with my little charm, I don’t dare to compare with His Excellency the Prime Minister.
The group of ladies over there are looking forward to seeing you! ”
Seeing that Prime Minister Herceg was deliberately getting closer, Hudson put aside his worries about the gap in status and started joking directly.
Anyway, he is a guest now, so even if he is a little rude, it is not a big problem.
“Viscount Hudson is really good at talking, but I am still very confident in my charm.
Even though I am old, there are many ladies who want to take advantage of me. It’s a pity that time is not kind to anyone, and my body and bones are not as young as yours. ”
After hearing Prime Minister Herceg’s narcissistic words, Hudson rolled his eyes secretly. Even with her paunchy appearance, I dare to talk about charm.
If it weren’t for the status bonus of the prime minister, I’m afraid no one would pay attention to it, let alone take the initiative to embrace him.
If you study the identities of these noble ladies carefully, you will find that most of them married into declining noble families, or were directly widowed.
Being able to have fun is purely because no one cares. In other words, interests require sacrifices in exchange for some family benefits.
Morality has always been a luxury. For the rotten nobles, this thing does not exist at all.
Not knowing the purpose of Prime Minister Herceg’s visit, Hudson simply dealt with some irrelevant topics. Regarding specific matters, it’s on