as reduced to nothing under the heavy downpour.

The water level in the canal also rose upwards, and the soil washed down continued to fill the river bed.
If Hudson hadn’t asked Bear Stearns to sort out the river, it would have caused a catastrophe.
All armies and reserves in the territory were organized and mobilized, and they continued to rush to various places for emergency rescue and disaster relief.
However, the losses are still increasing.
The rain was still falling, and looking at the vicissitudes of life everywhere, Hudson rubbed his forehead helplessly.
/The drought in Xueyue Territory can still be overcome by proper response. The floods in the mountainous areas can only be dealt with passively.
The rainfall area is so wide that several provinces in the kingdom are experiencing the baptism of the storm at the moment.
In order to reduce losses, Hudson even dragged Maxim to do hard work and drove the dark clouds to the sea.
Unfortunately, there were too many dark clouds floating in the air currents. As soon as one cloud is driven away, a new one will appear.
A dragon is obviously too busy, but adding a bear is still too much.
Hudson calculated that the amount of clouds and rain gathered in the mountainous area would be impossible without 180 adult dragons.
There is no doubt that this is impossible to do. Even if the dragon masters come to their doorstep, they can’t afford to hire so many giant dragons.
/“Disasters are coming one after another, and a food harvest is a foregone conclusion. I’m afraid the days to come will be difficult!”
Hudson felt inspired and spoke.
While inspecting the disaster situation, the naughty child never smiled. After this wave of natural disasters, Hudson suffered heavy losses, and Bear Stearns’ losses were not much smaller.
Because most of the territory was in the lower reaches, the rolling floods swept down, and both the Xiongxiong Pasture and the Xiongxiong Farm were all turned into a swamp.
Looking down from the sky, you can still see busy people harvesting wheat that has been soaked by water in the rain.
In the farming era, no matter how serious the reduction in production was, as long as the food in the fields was mature, there was no reason not to take it back.
The situation on the pasture was not much better. The animals were rescued, but due to the continuous heavy rains, the stored fodder was no longer enough, so they chose to slaughter the animals.
Seeing his own milk being slaughtered and made into jerky made Bear Stearns feel bad.
On the contrary, Maxim on the side was in a very good mood at the moment, looking at the jokes of Hudson and Bear Stearns unscrupulously.
Investment is risky, so be cautious when entering the market.
Agriculture has never been an industry that makes quick money. Not only is food production reduced during natural disasters, but many water conservancy projects are also forced to be rebuilt.
This year’s wave of losses alone will require Hudson and Bear Stearns to work in vain for several years before they can make up for the l