rc camp, a large number of troops gathered, and flags were flying in the sky. The scene was very spectacular.

When there are too many people, there are too many things to do. An empire co-governed by five royal families has never had anything to do with unity.
When dealing with the human race, the five royal families are allies. In normal times, everyone is a competitor.
Forced by the threat of the human race, the overlord of the continent, the five major orc royal families were able to sit together and discuss the problem.
/If there is no external threat, they can do it themselves.
The end of the hegemony of the Orc Continent was partly due to the human race and partly the result of their internal fighting.
The five royal families have been arguing about the choice of the main direction of attack for a month, and they are still deadlocked.
The Lion Clan and the Silver Moon Wolf Clan advocated continuing to attack the Principality of Moxi, while the Behemoth Clan and the Eagle Clan proposed to change direction and attack the Warhammer Kingdom. The Bear Clan said both sides were acceptable.
Both sides have their own reasons, and no one can convince the other.
As the army continued to gather and the direction of the attack had not yet been determined, the five royal families were also a little anxious.
“We can’t drag it out any longer!
According to the intelligence we collected, reinforcements from the Alpha Kingdom have entered the Principality of Moxi and are about to arrive at the front line.
Reinforcements from other human nations are now starting to set off one after another. In the next month, the Principality of Moxi will be able to obtain reinforcements from at least five countries.
The Human Alliance meeting is about to be held. If we don’t make a breakthrough on the battlefield quickly and attract all the races on the mainland to join this war, we will be driven back in despair! ”
The Yingren Emperor said indifferently.
Orcs respect the strong.
He took the lead in making a breakthrough in the Principality of Moxi and achieved the greatest record since the war began, which undoubtedly greatly enhanced his voice.
Seeing that the strategic advantage that was finally obtained was disappearing in the quarrel, the Yingren Emperor became angry.
“Eagle King, don’t worry. We all know the efficiency of the Human Alliance meeting. It won’t take more than a year and a half to produce results.
Without the full involvement of the Human Alliance, just a few human countries in the North are not our opponents at all.
Regardless of the fact that various countries are sending reinforcements to the Principality of Moxi, they are actually a bunch of scumbags.
Looking at the reaction of the Alpha Kingdom, we know that they themselves do not expect their allies to be able to block our front.
/Countless wars in the past have proven that it is unrealistic to pull the human race from the mainland hegemony at once. The best way is to gradually encroach on their territory.
The Principality of Moxi is indeed easy