ill definitely not be able to see those who violate the rules.

What’s more, in the process of large-scale land reclamation, teamwork is even more needed. It is enough to let the people below roll up, there is no need to put yourself into the storm vortex.
/If you really want to play with the family responsibility system, I guess the people who will be the most resistant are the people in charge. If you follow the lord, your life may not be easy, but you will definitely have fewer worries.
/There is not enough personal freedom, but you don’t need to worry about everything from birth to death. Even if there is a famine, it is the lord who is responsible for taking care of it. They cannot be allowed to starve to death anyway.
Unlike the oriental dynasties of previous generations, folk clans were powerful and could unite as clan units to jointly resist risks, thus providing the basis for reforming the feudal system.
I don’t know if serfs who did not form a clan would have a better life if they went out to work alone. Anyway, their ability to resist risks is almost zero. Any disaster can take away everything they have.
The lord’s decision cannot be changed. The good mood of the security guards who did not want to break their legs was gone in an instant.
I originally thought that by becoming the security chief and gaining the trust of the lord, I would be able to live a happy life and reach the pinnacle of life.
Facts have proved that there is no pie in the world that falls for no reason. It is simply impossible to just take benefits and do nothing.
No one dared to ignore Hudson’s warning. When noble men say they want to break their legs, they will really break their legs. No one thinks it is important that one of their legs has the reputation of a noble man.
Seeing his men all frowning, Hudson had no intention of giving them any advice. The more times like this, the more you can train a person.
Whether he is a talent or a fool can be seen as soon as the follow-up land reclamation project starts.
If it is trash, then kick it out as soon as possible. In the entrepreneurial stage, the destructive power brought by a waste person entering the management team is not even a little bit.
After all, there are more than 20,000 people in the territory. By slowly screening, you can always find potential stocks suitable for cultivation.
Maple Leaf Collar, watching the neighbor next door enthusiastically playing land reclamation, Baron Keterai almost drooled with envy.
Obviously everyone started their business together, but as a result, other people’s territories have entered the fast lane of rapid development, while my own family is still running at a loss of making ends meet.
Baron Kettle now completely scorned the statement that “Southern Xinjiang is rich and full of gold. If you just sow some seeds, you can get a bumper harvest.”
The southeastern province is indeed rich, and his territory is indeed fertile, but this does not mean that he is rich.
If you want to make a fortune, you must at least develop your territo