“Stop, stop.” Xio pressed her right palm and said, “Other than that, you haven’t seen that giant anywhere else.”
“No, my friends probably don’t either. After all, we often discuss him in private.” Burton answered in a very affirmative tone.
Xio didn’t say anything more and gave the other party the five copper pennies:
“Buying you a drink.”
“Don’t tell anyone what I just asked, it will be very dangerous.”
/Before she finished speaking, she turned around and walked out of the corner, heading towards the dock union at the East Balam Dockyard.
About ten minutes later, Xio saw the two-story yellow building.
She put on her canvas coat inside out, exposing the patches inside, transforming herself from a short worker to a homeless person in an instant.
Looking at the homeless people huddled on the corner of the street, Xio pinched her nose and went over to sit with them. Her eyes intermittently glanced at the dockyard opposite where people were coming in and out.
As time passed, Xio endured the cold wind and harsh environment, and persisted in observing the conditions of the dock union and the surrounding area.
She clearly remembered Williams’ persistence in drinking, and even remembered her mood when she saw the newspaper that day.
This mood made her more tolerant than before.
At this time, seven or eight people from the dock union came out. They headed to the cafe opposite in groups to prepare for lunch.
Xio narrowed his eyes and scanned every passerby carefully to confirm their appearance.
Anyone who is not suspicious is not prepared to withdraw his gaze and wait for the next batch.
Creaking, the door of the cafe was opened, and the heat inside suddenly rushed out. A man couldn’t help but take off his gold-rimmed glasses and wiped the mist with his sleeves.
Xiu glanced at it casually, and his eyes suddenly solidified:
those eyes
That corner of the mouth
Always wearing a mocking smile
Lanerwushu turned his head suddenly, not daring to look again.
The man just now had bronze skin, short stubby hair, and a sharp-edged face, which was very different from the appearance in the portrait. Only his eyes and the corners of his mouth gave her a familiar feeling.
Ridiculing everyone’s feelings
Is it Lanervus? Is it Lanervus? Xio buried his head and stared at the stone slabs on the street.
Summer’s house.
After a sumptuous lunch, the host and guests gathered in the living room to chat and agreed to play Texas Hold’em together later.
Some interesting rumors and funny stories echoed intermittently. Klein kept smiling, chiming in a few words from time to time, and saw the two children of the Summer family moving in and out lively.
Next to him, Jurgen Cooper still had a serious expression and occasionally provided legal advice for everyone’s discussions.
Klein smiled, leaned slightly, and lowered his voice and asked:
“Are you bored?”
“No, their topic is very interesting.” Jurgen nodded seriously.
/Klein was immediately stunned and blurted out and asked again:
“Then why don’t you smile?”
Jurgen frowned s