w can I go to divination above the gray mist?

Sharon, who was wearing a black palace dress, looked at Klein quietly. There was no anger, no suspicion, or any emotion in her blue eyes.
She suddenly took out a folded piece of paper from a hidden bag and unfolded it into a rectangle.
/The paper was entirely orange and had many symbols, including one representing the sun.
These symbols and logos enclose a blank area, making people feel warm and stable.
As soon as he saw this piece of paper, Klein remembered what it was and let go of his hanging heart.
This also comes from “Secret Puppet Master” Rosago, this is the “Notarized Certificate”
This is the magical thing that belonged to Sharon when the two of them divided the spoils.
The pale and delicate Sharon handed the “notarial certificate” to Klein and said concisely:
“Press here.”
/“Promise not to leak what you just heard.”
Hu Klein took out a breath, nodded solemnly and said:
Following the prompts, he took the “notarial certificate”, pressed his palm on the blank area, and then said after careful consideration:
“I promise not to tell anyone else what I just learned from Miss Sharon and Mr. Maric.”
As he spoke word after word, the symbols and magic signs around the notarial certificate lit up one after another, all glowing with bright and warm light.
When everything was over, those rays of light connected into a seal-like image, which was pressed on Klein’s palm, penetrated through, and covered the blank area.
The warmth passed away in a flash, and Klein suddenly felt that there was some subtle but invisible connection between himself and the notarized certificate.
The old man’s ability to simulate the “Eye of Wisdom” really belonged to the “Notary Public”. He suddenly thought of something from the past.
“I’m fine.” Klein handed back the “notarial certificate”.
Sharon nodded calmly and said nothing more. Her indifferent figure quickly faded and disappeared into the car.
Maric still suppressed the malice hidden in his eyes, and tapped the wooden board of the compartment wall with his finger.
The carriage suddenly stopped slowly and the carriage door opened.
This is driving a car with living corpses, and shadows serve as waiters. It is indeed Maric’s style. With his spiritual vision turned on, Klein suddenly took off his peaked cap, pressed it on his chest, bowed slightly, and jumped out of the carriage.
The surrounding area was a secluded street, and several gas street lamps were broken, but no one had repaired them.
Klein first went around the one-bedroom apartment in the East District, and then returned to No. 15 Minsk Street, where he pretended to do two fortune-tellings in the living room.
One is whether the commission should be accepted, and the other is whether the commission is dangerous and the degree of danger.
As for the divination answers, he didn’t look at them carefully at all, because the “resentful soul” extraordinary people of the alien path can transform into spirit bodies, directly contact the spirit world, and obtain infor