ather cloak on his back, and holding a trident, and he had some inexplicable associations in his mind.

Derrick “The Sun” shook his head honestly:
/“I don’t know, I thought you would know each other.”
“Justice” Audrey and “Magician” Forsi cast their gazes over at the same time, carefully observing several times, but still found no one to guess.
They originally thought that this was the sixth of the eight ancient gods in the myths and legends of Silver City, but they could not find enough correspondence. After all, among the ancient gods there were dragons, elves, giants, phoenixes, and demonic wolves of destruction. There is only one giant on top of the mural.
The “Fool” took a serious look and his pupils almost shrank.
This is very close to the statues of the six gods I saw in the underground ruins of the Tudor family, except that one is a normal version and the other is a blackened and corrupted version. It is really hard to look directly at it, especially the Mother Goddess of the Earth, Lord of Storms and The Eternal Blazing Sun has not only been blackened into an evil god, but also closer to an ugly monster. Klein has not found the truth. It is something he expected when the “True Creator” slandered the Six Gods and distorted his image.
However, we cannot completely ignore the possibilities shown by this mural. Just like I always believed that the true god has no human image, only symbols. As a result, the statue in the underground ruins of the Tudor family made me no longer so sure about the image of the god. The establishment of the mural has evolved over a long period of time, and there are many secrets hidden in it. When Klein saw that Miss Justice was concentrating on examining the mural and did not pay attention to Mr. Fool’s attitude at all, he was relieved.
Because it involved whether the little “Sun” could get rid of the strange dilemma of repeating a short period of life, he decided to tell what he knew about the situation.
Of course, a lengthy introduction and presentation of the images of the Six Gods in the underground ruins does not fit the identity of the “Fool”, who intends to manipulate the “world” to accomplish this.
And this is consistent with his ongoing efforts to equate “the world” with Sherlock Moriarty.
The “Fool” should enigmatically say “Night, Sun, Storm, Wisdom, Earth, Giant”, and then without any explanation or any extra description. Klein thought about it for two seconds, making “The World” hoarse. He opened his mouth and said:
“I’ve seen similar statues.”
After attracting everyone’s attention, he paused and added:
“Justice” Audrey was very interested in this, but she maintained a basic reserve on the surface:
“Mr. World, can you show us what kind of statue it is? Of course, if you are unwilling or need payment, we can discuss it again.”
“No need, because this can also clear up some doubts for me.” “The World” said with a gloomy smile.
He pretended to make a request to Mr. Fool, and after receiving permission, he revealed the statues of the six gods and the correspond