files and know that in similar situations, they must absolutely obey the will of high-sequence people and must not make arbitrary decisions or act arrogantly, otherwise they will not know how they will die. .

Horamik looked forward, and his eyes stopped on a picture frame that was upside down at the bottom of the high platform.
He took steps forward without changing his expression, walking forward neither quickly nor slowly.
The characteristic of a demigod who is not prepared at all is that he is “reckless”. Klein was quite stunned when he saw this.
He seemed to be able to imagine Horamik losing all his teeth, withering white hair, dry and wrinkled skin, and aging rapidly.
One step, two steps, three steps, Horamik, who was originally normal, suddenly trembled, and there was a sharp and astringent friction sound coming from his body.
/His pace began to slow, his movements stiffened, and his skin visibly dried.
There’s something wrong with this. He’s not a normal human being. What was the friction sound just now? Klein muttered in his heart.
Four steps, five steps, six steps, there was a tearing sound from Horamik’s body, and something fell to the ground with a clang.
Klein looked subconsciously and saw a gear.
Rusty gears
Horamik continued to move forward, and things fell from time to time on his body, including rusty screws, melted wax blocks, yellowed bones, and loose springs. His figure became thinner and thinner, swaying, and might disintegrate at any time. .
/This is just like a robot. To use the terminology of this era, it is like a living doll named Klein who suddenly has an understanding.
He remembered that Old Neil said before his death that the Sequence 4 of the Earth Mother Church was good at “life refining”, and the sequence corresponding to the “General Knowledge” path could barely do it.
And Horamik is a high-sequence powerhouse of the “General Knowledge” path.
The Horamik in front of me is not the real him, it is just a refined puppet. The reason why the “ghost frame” was ineffective just now is because the puppet has no spirit at all. The real Horamik should still be hanging far away. The place was worthy of being a demigod. When Klein suddenly realized, the Archbishop walked to the high platform, bent his knees and back, and turned the upside down picture frame over.
Normally, when exploring a tomb with supernatural elements, one should avoid bringing similar items to the front, but Horamik made the opposite choice this time.
As the picture frame flipped over, a sudden wind blew up inside the closed mausoleum, blowing away the invisible confinement and silence.
The candles on the iron-colored lampstand burned quickly and became extremely bright, but soon came to the end of their lives and melted away.
The old corpses on the ground were rotting quickly and filled with stench.
In just a few seconds, the main tomb became dark, with only the lanterns carried by the members of the “Machine Heart” barely illuminating the front.
Horamik picked up the picture frame on the ground and swayed